Sunday, February 11, 2018


I'm here.


When you are working on a story as a blogger and as an advocate for a party in the story the role of advocate comes first.  I have my reasons for being silent on BISD at this time.  My role as advocate comes first.  There should be some news this week.


Well a lot of arguments and an amazing blame game.  After putting in writing the VA San Antonio would not see veterans from the LRGV because they did not have PCP's assigned to them in San Antonio they changed course after Washington intervened.  Now they are saying all VA San Antonio veterans are being referred out to private doctors because they are overwhelmed.

It took two days of calls to find a neurosurgeon who accepts Vets Choice Insurance and who treats peripheral polyneuropathy.  My PCP in Harlingen put the wrong diagnosis on the referral.  The EMG doctor made the final diagnosis of peripheral polyneuropathy after two hours of pocking me with a needle.  So now I wait for my PCP to correct his misdiagnosis.

Once that happens the battle is still not over.  The San Antonio doctor wants all the MRI's faxed by my PCP.  The VA does not have all of the MRI's in order because they come from various sources.  I sent them to my PCP via what is known as secure messaging (medical records are not to be sent via email.)  He does not have the ability to fax them so we are hoping the San Antonio doctor will allow me to fax them.

Since the last time I saw a doctor, things have gotten worse.  It may or may not be in the diaphragm.  This happens when it reaches a critical stage.  All I know is for no apparent reason my diaphragm emanates extreme pain.  The specialist will have to decide if it is related.


I am holding at  241.  That is down 39 pounds in 13 months.  Steady and slow means sustainability.  I really want to break the 240 mark.  But my diet works, so I am staying with it.  I remain on the post bariatric surgery diet.  I break it about once a week.  But that is fine so long as I continue to lose weight.

Today is better than the last 4 days.  If I have time before bedtime, I will post an update on Special Needs.  It is commentary mixed with facts.  I think I am right and it is really sad.


Look with rare exception both Democrats and Republicans are corporatists.  The Democrats threw the people under the bus over the government shut down.  I will vote a blank ballot on March 6 or earlier.  We need a party for the people and the Democrats and Republicans do not represent the people.  I really have no interest in the primaries.  Nothing will change one way or the other.

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Wrong diagnosis.

No ability to fax.


Seems so 70's