Wednesday, February 28, 2018


When you read the highlighted parts, you will see this term the Supreme Court will end the nonsense of the City of Brownsville silencing dissent against individual elected officials.  The COB is warned.  End the nonsense now, or be sued.

"WASHINGTON (AP) — Supreme Court justices seemed troubled Tuesday by the arrest of a Florida man during a city council meeting in Florida, an arrest he says was retaliation for being an outspoken critic of the city.
The justices were hearing arguments in a case brought by Fane Lozman over his arrest at a 2006 city council meeting in south Florida's City of Riviera Beach. Lozman was arrested after he began using the meeting's public comment time to talk about government corruption in the county and kept speaking after a member of the council warned him not to continue with the topic. The charges against him were ultimately dropped, but Lozman then turned around and sued the city.
Lozman claimed the city violated the First Amendment's free speech guarantee by arresting him in retaliation for his criticism of city officials and policies and a separate lawsuit he'd filed against the city. A lower court ruled that because a jury found a police officer had probable cause to arrest Lozman for disturbing a lawful assembly, he couldn't bring a retaliation claim.
Chief Justice John Roberts said he found video of Lozman's arrest "pretty chilling." He said Lozman appeared to speak in a very calm voice for about 15 seconds and then "the next thing he knows, he's being led off in ... handcuffs."
"Now the council may not have liked what he was talking about, but that doesn't mean they get to cuff him," Roberts said.
Justice Sonia Sotomayor also appeared to take issue with Lozman's arrest.
"He started by saying there's been an arrest for corruption, which was true. And then he tried to say, 'And I've been telling you that other people are corrupt,'" she said. "Why is that off topic?"
Shay Dvoretzky, arguing on behalf of the City of Riviera Beach, said Lozman's comments were not about the city but the county it is part of, Palm Beach County.
Justice Elena Kagan also seemed sympathetic to Lozman, telling Dvoretzky that he "might have some difficulty with the facts of your case."

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I may take the arrest.  We shall see, after I get back from NY.  It is time to call out the Galonsky Circus and the entire city commission by name during public comment.

Like I have told so many people, the power of voice and organization is more powerful than guns.  This pending decision which by all accounts appears to favor calm dissenting speech at city commission meetings, can and will  bring better government to Brownsville.

It would be nice if several people would join in a take down of the city commissioners all by name, and the BISD. 


Artemus Saxon said...

I see you’re point, but what do those pictures have to do with anything in the story?

BobbyWC said...

It is just the happy Brownsville versus the city commission which must now put up with the truth and being called out during public comment.

People will be able to call out by name everyone who fails to file a conflict of interest form. tax evasion etc - no permits - back door deals with the Galongsky's

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Are you saying you are considering naming names at a commission meeting to provoke and arrest in order to file a lawsuit against the city?

BobbyWC said...

They will not arrest me they will just forceably remove me. the reality is all they have to do is stop me to justify a lawsuit. My sources are telling me the city is already preparing to deal with this issue.

We may go back to no public comments on TV.

This city commission is cowards to a person. If not me then someone else. When you exercise your constitutional right to call out corruption you are proving no one.

Bobby WC