Tuesday, February 20, 2018


Today the 5 Republican Justices could not find 4 votes to hear a case out of California which further limited gun access - really more regulation than access.

The heart of Juridical Methodology is understood best in Justice Jackson's dissent in the following case.

" I see no reason why I should be consciously wrong today because I was unconsciously wrong yesterday."

This is why it is important that we continue to challenge so called precedent.  Social changes and moods change how the Court views issues.  In the last few years we have seen more and more opinions by the Supreme Court questioning financing in judicial campaigns and judicial activism.  The right case will come along and judicial immunity as we know it will fall.  As they say, "you give an inch, they take a foot."  

No Supreme Court doctrine is carved in impenetrable stone.


Anonymous said...

People missing the point
More guns is the answer!

BobbyWC said...

really? How many guns were at Ft. Hood when a mass shooter killed 13 people?

Bobby WC