Tuesday, February 27, 2018


"Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) reportedly says in a Monday fundraising email that Democrats’ early voting figures in the state should “shock every conservative to their core.”
Going against the general norm in Texas, more Democrats in Texas have turned out to vote in 2018 primaries so far than Republicans.
Abbott sent an email to supporters asking for donations and warning that Democratic enthusiasm in Texas could lead to results that mirror the party’s victories in special elections across the country."
When you examine all of the numbers if early voting holds at 60% more or less, the Democrats will have gains.  About this time some very high profile Democrats who chose not to run for governor are hitting themselves. 
Young people are voting for the first time, the elderly are seeing their retirement threatened, and minorities are concerned for their future.
This may very well put Texas into play in 2020 for the presidential race. I can see the Texas Legislature being less Red after November.


Anonymous said...

I will be following your advise and voting a blank ballot.

Anonymous said...

I early voted in the democratic primary.
In the November election I will vote democratic state election but, depending who are the locals, I will either leave blank against incumbents or cross to the republican side.
Some local incumbents need to say bye bye.