Thursday, February 15, 2018


I do not care what the issue is, this is the reality of our news cycle and approach to all social and political problems.

The Democrats and Republicans are nothing more than paid talking heads to distract us from real issues.  I am so over the Russian investigation.  Everyone knew we along with the Russians meddle in elections through social media.  Really you did not know social media is about distractions and fake news?  Have you ever checked the quotes on the memes of famous people?  The majority are false.

We fall for this because we are stupid.  Ragu whose advertising agency is run by idiots is running an ad that the original cook of the sauce would place the sauce in non-existent plastic containers at the time and then sell it.

This is it people - they sell it and you buy it.

But hold on to your phone tight, because it could be today you get the call there is a shooter at your child's school.  RING!!!!!!!  My child is okay, fine not my problem.  My child is dead - it is Obama's fault.

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