Wednesday, February 28, 2018


It is all nonsense.  There is no polling in Cameron County.  No one has a clue.  But even polling has become a joke.  Right now Trump polling ranges from an all time low to an all time high.  How can two professional pollsters be so different?

What we have is the pro Saenz team v. the anti-Saenz team.  I voted for the anti-Saenz team.


For the Republican primary it is sound to endorse Tad Hasse because the SBOE does need a math expert.  No personality needed to decide this issue.  This is  a fact of substance.

But in the November election, Hasse is wrong unless he denounces the Republicans on the SBOE.  We do not need another Republican who wants to change the term slave to guest worker., or limit teaching about Thomas Jefferson.

Yes, having a SBOE math expert would be great.  But is it also essential to our children's education to insure we have strong Democrats on the SBOE to challenge the ignorant changes the Republicans want to put into our textbooks.

You can say what you want about Ruben Cortez, but you can not find one thing he has done wrong as a SBOE member.  He has fought the craziness of the Republicans.  Had Tad Hasse been a Democrat running against Cortez his math background would have been a formidable asset in his campaign.  Unfortunately his ties to the Republicans makes him guilty by association for the nonsense of the Republicans on the SBOE.  Of course he can gain points by denouncing this nonsense and demanding the board focus on accurate textbooks without political nonsense.

This should be a nonpartisan election. Truth in accuracy in our textbooks should not be guided by political agendas.

It is sad because a math expert would be good for the schools, but another Republican would be a disaster. 

Ruben Cortes has stood strong against the crazy Republican agenda and that deserves the reward of reelection.

But if Tad Hasse is serious about math even without the win he can be an advocate to promote better math text books.  I suspect if his ideas promote better math instruction Ruben Cortez would listen to his ideas and bring them forward

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Anonymous said...

Polling does work. Rene Oliveira polls show he will win without a runoff.