Monday, February 5, 2018


A backdrop, Sylvia Atkinson mishandled her wrongful indictment once she took her place on the Board.  This made it difficult for any intelligent or honest Trustee to work with her, even when she is right.

I am shocked to be supporting McHale in his call for Phil Cowen as BISD Board President.  In reposting McHale's post I only embrace his reasons for making Phil Cowen Board President.

Now in the post which follows, you will say - "hold it, how can he endorse Phil Cowen for BISD Board President, and then in the next post call him a child abuser."  Here is the deal, if as the new Board President he does not call for a special meeting to fire Zendejas, Baltazar Salazar, Miguel Salinas, and Sandra Rodriguez, then he will have sealed his fate.  I get he is caught in the middle of a mess.  But at some point you put the children first, and the BISD Administration and fellow trustees second.

I just got this surreal email from Baltazar Salazar after the Trustees received the letter which is discussed in the next post.

"FYI, ...loyal, faithful, and aggressive representation."  It's beyond surreal.

Now McHale's endorsement of Cowen, which I support: But if Cowen fails to act on this mess with special needs children, the label of child abuser will remain and be a prominent issue with the BV.  I am trying to help him solve the problem by putting him in charge of the Board.


The BV has many times established Elected Officials can speak about what happened in Executive Session.  I have no idea what Joe Rodriguez is up to in his agenda item on Executive Session protocol, but each Trustee better defend their constitutional right to speak out about what happenes in  Executive Session.  And please if you rely on Baltazar Salazar for advice just give it up, you are just too, too stupid to be on the Board.  Martinez threatened Jessica Tetreau over this issue, and when the law was forced into his face he pulled back.

From McHale:

"The Brownsville Independent School District is going through a another major crisis. With "economics rather than education" the traditional motto for decades, the years of financial scandals are undermining the foundations of the school district. When the public reflects on the BISD, integrity and credibility aren't the words that come to mind.

"It's time for a change," sings a local bluesman from the stage at El Hueso de Fraile. "I'm sick and tired of you. Your wild and reckless ways got me singin' the BISD blues."

The South Texas Independent Journalists Association (STIJA) is recommending that the BISD Board of Trustees elect attorney Philip Cowen as its next president.

"Cesar Lopez, employed by the BuyBoard that facilitates millions of dollars negotiating deals between the BISD and businesses, is nothing less than a fox in the henhouse," said Anthony Starr, STIJA's longtime and esteemed president. 

"And if blogger Juan Montoya is half-right in his steady stream of accusations painting Joe Rodriguez as the fox who has left the henhouse because he has already eaten all the chickens, the latter is worse than Mayor Tony Martinez as he uses his position to profit.

"And Carlos Elizondo, under investigation by the Cameron County District Attorney's office and terminated by the City of Brownsville for his excesses as fire chief, would resign if he had any character. Instead, he chooses to cement his reputation as a disgrace to the human race.

"Laura Perez-Reyes is too young for the post. Forced to pit her idealism against realism, she would be burdened with so many worries that she would soon resembled a bent-over, little old lady. Dr. Sylvia Atkinson and Minerva Pena are too anti-Superintendent Dr. Esperanza Zendajas to lead with objectivity.

"Cowen is a product of one of Brownsville's most loved and successful families. Bi-lingual and a product of the projects, his heart resides with el pueblo. Though his wife is a teacher in the school district, she is content teaching her elementary class and has no desire to ruin her career as an educator by exploiting her husband for an administrative position.

"Cowen is the most forward operating trustee on the board. He has the capacity if he chooses to exert his influence to keep the three machos in place and he is a gentleman who knows his manners around the ladies.

"He is not trying to pocket a buck at the expense of the taxpayers whom the BISD as its former students has kept ignorant so the few can enrich themselves at the expense of the many. 

"Corruption presently defines the school district. Two high-ranking BISD officials have committed suicide because they feared the consequences of their derelict decisions. It's now or never and Philip Cowen is now!"

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