Thursday, February 15, 2018


I was real worried about March's bill because the heater ran nearly nonstop for several weeks.  Well here it is.  Last year for the March payment it was $238.93.  This year the bill is $186.21.  The new insulation in the attic is paying off.  My savings is $52.00 and change.  I pay Lowes $115 a month for 3 years at 3.9%.  It saves me money and ads value to a house.  If you buy a house and make the decision on the mortgage only without comparing utility bills, you will screw yourself.  I have a neighbor with a smaller house who pays a lot more.  There is just no energy efficiency in his home.

Could you imagine my bill if the rate increase were taken away?


I think I pay 3.9% on my Texas Veterans Land Board home improvement loan.  It is currently at 4.2%.  I pay about $159 a month for 25 years.  I borrowed just under the limit of $25.000.  My insurance went down because of the new roof.  Because I changed out the copper pipes along with a new roof I was able to get windstorm and regular insurance with one company which saved me nearly a $1,000 a year on insurance.  I also got my electrical upgraded for a modern home, and my energy efficient beautiful French Doors, which I love.  Later I borrowed at Lowes for the blown in insulation.

When you consider my energy savings and insurance savings the loan is costing me nothing, but the value of my home went up.

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