Wednesday, February 7, 2018


In a matter concerning Joe Rodriguez Cowen is going to have a press conference in the morning to discuss an issue Joe Rodriguez will not be happy about.  Phil is going to take on discussing what happens in Executive Session.  This could be good.  Even Zendejas was opposed to Joe's initiative for athletics.  Has the table turned?

The Board Reorganization went no where.  Phil and Minerva exchanged opinions as to why BISD is losing students.  Phil says it is because BISD's schedule is later than the charter schools - not buying it, Minerva blamed poor service by BISD.  Phil did not help himself by refusing to acknowledge the problem is BISD's lack of performance.

The Phil and Sylvia Atkinson exchanged views on increasing the costs of self insurance.  Sylvia believed it unfair that people earning $20,000 are going to have to contribute the same amount to the self insurance as people earning more than $100,000.  Phil claimed the same fee is based on all bodies being the same.  He made himself look real bad.  The VA charges veterans based on their income level, which is what Sylvia wanted, but Phil disclaimed this approach as not reality.

I have no idea what to make of the meeting, but tomorrow's Press conference is going to make Joe Rodriguez very angry.  For me I hope every elected official follows Phil's lead in calling a press conference to discuss what is happening in executive session.  This move by Phil could be a game changer in local politics.  I say good for Phil.

Also Phil wants the criteria for designating a home historical changed because it is costing too much money to BISD.  He wants only homes which tell  Brownsville's story to be designated as historical.  The Trustees seem to all agree how a home is designated is all political.  I cannot help but think the Trustees were thinking of Elia Cornejo Lopez's home.  This was a good fiscal move on Phil's part.

I am confused by Phil.  He showed courage last night, but failed the employees by putting people who earn $20,000 in the same category as those earning $100,00.  

He also failed the students by refusing to admit BISD is losing students because of poor performance.

But tomorrow morning we may see a change on how things are done at BISD.


Anonymous said...

Same thing diffrent day

Anonymous said...

yeah.. beginning to sound like a broken record.

However - I think transparency is very much needed in Brownsville.