Tuesday, February 13, 2018


As an advocate for what eventually became two children, at this point I have to be careful in what I say.  I will say this, I have BISD's attention.  I will not say how.  Both children are now receiving services as of today. 

Both were professional tested.  In a year an a half both will have completed learning the tools they need to be regular students and be very successful students.

I get people's frustration.  So many of the comments posted were nasty.  Very bright children fail to succeed because correctable learning issues are not addressed.   That is one issue.  Some children have permanent disabilities.  That is another issue.  Another issue is children who do have anyone at home as a cheer leader or to encourage them at home.  They are smart kids, but without support.

There are more groups.  This makes the process complex.  But when intervention techniques fail to work on a child who everyone agrees loves school and has strong support at home, it is time to test the child.  

I fully support intervention in cases where there is no parental interest to create a cheer leader system at the school.  Even in first grade BISD should have a system which the child can use to get into college to show they were a cheer leader once a week after school to help an otherwise smart child who has no support in the home.  In many cases you will see a child turn around.  It just comes down to cheer leading for the child.  

In other cases there are real learning problems which can be 100% resolved with tools over the course of a year.  You are then done and the child will be on their way to a successful education.  Other children have permanent problems.


BISD'S basic problem is a lack of investment in spacial needs and training.  I am happy for the kids I helped. They are now protected.  Because IDEA schools are getting away with blatant discrimination against children who need help, I would never recommend  IDEA school to any parent.  My source on this is a principal looking to leave IDEA because of the discrimination. 

From congress down there is nothing but budget cuts in education.  This is where a good Board comes into play.  I get all school boards are facing budget cuts.  But I measure the Board's by how they deal with the cuts.  BISD, like so many other schools take away from those most in need first.

I am not against athletics.  In many cases it is good athletic programs which keep some kids in school.  It is about balance.

I am extremely happy with how things came out for both of these kids.  It takes a lot to shock me, but even I was shocked by how BISD showed me they are taking my complaints seriously.


Well I BISD to move forward with me as part of the team as a volunteer only to help fix the problem.  Teachers should not be afraid to ask for help for children who need it.  BISD Administrators are not helping in this area.  Teachers should not fear for their jobs or transfer because they push to get a child help.  And like I said sometimes it may be something as simple as an intervention to get the child a cheer leader peer at school and after school to help with homework.  The problem could be a parent who does not know how to help their child with homework, or simple does not care.

Each child is different.  We need to help teachers identify the different children and the best initial interventions to help them.  

The ball is in BISD's hand.  If we can work together as team to improve things, I would rather be a volunteer team player.  I think BISD knows I am very well versed in this area in terms of education and the law.  They know at this time I am a free resource.  We shall see what they do.


Anonymous said...

did Gracia commit a misdemeanor by not filing his campaign finance reports

BobbyWC said...

no idea, but the TEC you only see it as technical and really do nothing. these laws are not enforced