Wednesday, February 14, 2018


The trolls blow my mind with their nasty comments.  Money was never an issue in this mess.  No parent wants to put their child through potentially years of litigation.  The goal was to get help, and when BISD started to expedite the process before the limitation deadline, we pulled back.

There will be no litigation.  There is no need for litigation.  But there is significant need for reform.  I am not seeing that from the Board.


This is simple.  A BISD official is asked to interview a child for help.  The official tells us he could not interview the child because the speech impediment is so bad.  It is February, why was this child not referred for help?  The child is getting help now.  

The teachers and low level administrators know if they push special needs too hard they will suffer retaliation.  This atmosphere of retaliation at BISD has to end.

The blame is with the Board.  When Zendejas passed on the problem instead of handling it thereby turning it into a PR problem for BISD, any reasonable Board would have handled Zendejas. She abandoned her duties, and that is not acceptable.

I want to be clear the parents and children are very happy with the end result.  There is no issue of litigation on the issue.  BISD fixed the problem.  Litigation has no purpose and in fact could prove burdensome to the children.  Their world needs to be family, friends and school, and not court.  So to be clear BISD is 100% in the clear on this issue.

Many of you do not know, but unless the status has changed Texas Child Protective Services is under the control of two masters appointed by a federal judge, with the decision upheld by the federal court of appeals.  The fundamental problem is funding.

Texas loves to brag about no taxes to attract business but says nothing about how its hands are always out to the federal taxpayers to subsidize Texas and Texas' failure to fund social services.

The TEA complaint still needs to be resolved.  It is the only hope the TEA or the Board will address the fundamental problem.  I get the lack of funding.  But I also get the mismanagement of the limited funds.  I also get how children are to go without rather than an elected official chancing being voted out of office because they are willing to raise taxes.

As Phil Cowen noted taxing is not the only way to increase BISD's revenue.  I hope BISD can force the issue of only allowing for tax benefits on historical properties which tell Brownsville's history.

Phil Cowen also pushed for addressing the issue of Tenaska and lowering rates and maybe getting some money back.  For this he was attacked with lies.

The fix is three fold:  increase revenues by means such as those suggested by Phil Cowen;  better management of the budget with more focus in special needs; and less on discretionary issues such as unneeded upgrades in athletics and possible tax increases.  

This case ends with how the BISD Board chooses to manage the problem and how the TEA rules.  But for the parents there will never be litigation.  They will let the TEA do what they need to do.  With the children getting all needed services maybe the the TEA will dismiss the complaint.  It is in their hands.

The BV will continue to cover how the BISD Board covers this issue and the overall budget.

There are ways to fix this with leadership.  That is the goal.

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