Thursday, January 4, 2018


The BV verified that JP Linda Salazar was in fact at the marriage licensed desk.  Once that was verified that part of the story was done.  I had no need for a silent video which would have added nothing to the story.

So the hack being desperate gets the non-audio video which only verifies what the BV has admitted to, JP Linda Salazar was at the marriage certificate window.  This is not disputed.  he claims a communist conspiracy because Linda Salazar shows the common courtesy of saying hello the the clerks she knows.  WARNING BROWNSVILLE, saying hello to people is now a crime according to the HACK

But in his desperation to boost his false claims, while admitting there is no audio he fills in the blanks of what you would have heard had there been audio.  Really are you that stupid?

Yes hack journalism is this bad.

We know when judges are in financial straits, it is easy to buy them. We know the Sorolas are in desperate financial straits.  We know Louis Sorola is forum shopping, something  the US Supreme Court and Texas Supreme Court have found to be unethical and have stopped same.

Mary Esther Sorola and Louis Sorola really need to hire competent counsel.  It is lost on them that by paying someone as judges to trash other judges, they are violating the rules of professional conduct.

That complaint will be filed.  They cannot help themselves because they need money.  They both know as judges they are trashing not just Linda Salazar, but also Elia Cornejo Lopez with lies.

This will be taken care of.

I have the printouts of the payments to the hack.  I also have the bar witnesses who will testify the hack runs his mouth and openly talks about people who pay him under the table.


Anonymous said...

Everyone knows you are a liar Bobby. You protect The Hernandez family..... you condone what they do and have done. Now you protect linda and her son Cortez.... and all because they give you information. You are in no position to call Montoya bought and paid for.... loo yourself in the mirror.....There are different ways of getting paid for protection and you are collecting and protecting some of the most corrupt people you claim to expose... no sacras cows has been written many times from you.... only to find out you have a coral with a herd that is off limits. You are a fake and a liar. I will be posting this same comment to all blogs.... knowing you will not post it.

BobbyWC said...

You say I protect the Hernanez family. Bold face lie. So according you when I was covering the Pena/hernandez election contest and called out against all of the evidence of stollen ballots, while Montoya trashed me every day for denouncing the politiquera system, and in fact filed the complaint based on the transcript which got Margarita Ozuna indicted that was me protecting the Hernandez family.

What information can Linda Salazar give me? I will tell you coming from the judges they are at their limits with Mary Esther and Louis Sorola supporting Montoya. They are not well liked and mock Mary Esther for walking 10 feet behind Louis with all of the court files on a suitcase roller. It shows Louis knows nothing about being a man. What kind of man has his wife walk 10 feet behind him caring all of his files for him? Louis Sorola.

Montoya has yet to prove one allegation against Linda Salazar. If they were true, Louis Sorola would have her before the Commission on Judicial Conduct.

I am up at the county offices at least three times a week. I personally see Sylvia garza Perez working with the citizens and her staff.

I say do not believe me, go up their and chieck on the deed on your home, or see if someone has filed a bogus lien against you. Her staff will politely help you. They are awesome. So when Lali has her supporters claim everyone hates Sylvia I know it is Lali and her supporters posting cowardly lies. She cannot run againsg Sylvia's record so they use montoya's blog to trash Sylvia. But again do not trust me, go to her office on the third floor of the new administation building on Levee and form your own opinion based on what you see with you lies.

I will also tell you the constables are done with Mary Esther and her superior princessly ways. Numberous lawyers have told me on one occasion while ignoring county business and was in court with Louis the judge told her to go back to her office where she belongs.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I agree you do protect the Hernandez family. You have no credibility what so ever. The funny thing is you think you do. Montoya has way mor credibility than you. He exposes the Hernandez family while you protect them....Brownsville knows this and laughs behind your back.

BobbyWC said...

Sp first you make the claim you know what the 220,000 people of Brownsville think of me. Do you actually believe anyone would believe a word you say at that point. Second during the Pena/Hernandez election contest everday day Montoya trashed me to the point of saying I was from Dallas and did not understand taking people's ballots is how it works here, meanwhile I was publishing all of the evidence of ballot stealing.

Now according to you that was Montoya trashing the Hernandez family and me protecting them.

Even in the JP race, I pushed as hard as I could to get the case moving on an expedited basis because it was approaching the point of dismissal as moot. Trolls like you claimed I was helping Erin. I was not. I was trying to get Begum to understand she was under a tight time table and the clock was ticking real fast.

CAVA never released all the evidence they had which made it more difficult for Begum to have a credible case.

I took the position both sides were probably involved in ballot harvesting. I never denied that. But I had no proof the candidates ever authorized it.

Here are the election returns for the run off which lead to the Begum election contest against Hernandez. The BV deals in facts and not hate. Becasue I printed facts and not some anonymous cowardly unproven claims you hate me.

I am not saying the election was clean because they never are. But the election returns do not lie. Unless you are willing to believe the impossible, a trial on the election contest would have changed nothing.

If you look to the run-off numbers Erin Garcia won by 151 votes of which 177 were mail ballots. To believe that she stole the election you would have to believe that of those 177 mail ballots [some I am sure were illegal] there were not at least 27 valid mail ballots. You would also have to believe that while Erin Garcia could not get 27 valid mail ballots Yolanda Begum received 142 valid mail ballots. If you are prepared to believe this nonsense I have a bridge to nowhere to sell you.

My question has been, where did those 142 voters who according to Yolanda Begum on their own without the assistance of politiqueras go the following election after Margarita Ozuna was indicted? Answer - the politiqueras stopped working the mail ballots.

Bobby WC