Sunday, January 21, 2018


I have been in bed sick all day.  It saddened me greatly I was not part of the outing with my 4 unofficially adopted grandchildren, to the zoo.  This is what he says about three of us who are not married. "Three of the four are not married and live a very lonely life."  So now he has private dicks on us to know our lives?  McHale has written many times he loves my writing the most when I talk about my family and our get togethers.  37 came to SPI last summer and we all had a blast.  Sanchez knows nothing about family values.

I see my 4 unofficially adopted children nearly every day.  Several times a week I get the pleasure of picking up the three year old from school.

Now they come over  to play and watch their mother do laundry.  Once the pool is ready, they will be here several days a week.  My house is for children and is filled with things for children of all ages to do.

My posts show me constantly interacting with my personal family from afar.  As to my local family we speak and see each other almost every day.

It warms my heart when Bela tells her mom, "call Bobby he will fix it."  She and her siblings and all of her extended family know I will go to jail to protect them from wrong doing.  Sanchez cannot say the same about his children. 

What is he talking about?  My home is filled with loving playful children while his is empty because he gave his children away.  

As to his girlfriend he made it clear to me, he knew her history but he was a man with needs so she was staying.  She is nothing more than a sex object to him.

Then what really blew my mind he says we should get dogs.  Sanchez had a dog, and when the dog became challenging he dumped the dog the same way he dumped his children.

When Keaton was sick I drove 6 hours through the night to get her to Houston to see a neurologist.  I spent $6,000 to be told she had terminal brain cancer.  With medication I got an additional week with her.  I did not ask that she be put down, which was an option.  I said no, I will care for her until it is over or the suffering is too much.

When Buster needed immediate surgery for a tumor on her leg the same day I was going in for my second gallbladder surgery, I made it work.  $3,000 later we were both out of the hospital recovering.  I personally changed her bandages every other day for weeks which was a good 45 minute process.

Such as Sanchez dumped his first dog, his children, the second Trump becomes a problem Trump will be sent packing like his previous dog and his children.

Sanchez does not get to talk about other people being lonely or needing a dog.  That train by his own actions left the station a very, very long time ago.

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