Tuesday, January 16, 2018


A troll challenged me back in September when I said this would be a cold winter.  Trolls are devoid of knowledge and fact resistant.  Anyone who reads this blog knows I do my homework.  I have been an unofficial student of meteorology for some 50 years. 

At a very young age I started to learn patterns.  I am  extremely well read on global warming and its affect on the planet.  If you deny global warming you deny the history of the planet.  Global warming is part of the natural evolution of the planet.  What no side can prove for sure is, are we in a natural cycle or a man causes cycle.  My view has always been the same, since fossil fuels cause health problems, we need to move away from fossil fuels and the debate as to the cause of global warming goes away.

If I say it is going to be colder it is because I have looked at the 50 years of patterns I have seen, and then look at the projected models from the National Weather Service.  When you combine what we know about global warming, with known patterns from the past and the projected patterns from the NWS, the prediction was easy.

As I have said in  the past, you have to create an analytical model before you write about the results.

But for trolls shooting off their mouth is easier than doing research and getting educated.

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