Friday, January 26, 2018


From Robert Sanchez running cover for Mike Hernandez:

 "Also, Mr. Trevino lied when he gave 1 million dollars to UNITED BROWNSVILLE to create UNITED BROWNSVILLE.   UNITED BROWNSVILLE is non existent.  He lied again.  If someone knows where UNITED BROWNSVILLE is, PLEASE LET ME KNOW."

First of all, it started as Imagine Brownsville, not United Brownsville.  When people realized Carlos Marin was Hernandez's right hand man, they immediately called out Hernandez as a con.


Carlos Marin was the architect of Imagine Brownsville which included over $900,000 being paid to Marin's company to start the process.  It then became United Brownsville after Carlos Marin submitted his bogus report.  In the end it cost the taxpayers several million dollars.  

To the best of my knowledge no blogger is supporting Eddie Trevino, for this very reason.  But why does Sanchez leave Carlos Marin the architect of the con out of his complain.  Sanchez and Hernandez are in a  Mexican stand off over Sanchez's comments which is why Mike will not call Sanchez out as a liar or sue him.  This is why the truthfulness of the claims remains in debate.

For another day still to come is Sanchez trashing Guadalupe Middle School and Mike Hernandez for giving the school money.

These text messages are in order as sent to me by Robert Sanchez:

(1/3) Chancelor of A and M was down for charro days.  Texas A and M cadets marched with Mike Hernandez and chancelor behind them in car.  George Gavito picked

(2/3) Chancellor up from Harlingen airport in Mike Hernandez private plane.  George Gavito drove a Mercedes van with direct tv connection and recliners

(3/3) during parade everyone was laufghing as George Gavito walked fast by the car as though he was some sort of secret service agent
Robert Sanchez

At sombrero fest George Gavito like a peacock around Mike Hernandez every move.  Mike Hernandez ALL happy about the mexican american culture
Robert Sanchez

(1/2) Fwd:F u c k,   I could sue a dog and get away with it,  believe me I am very strong in the vocabulary of persuasion which is what makes the world go (2/2) round, 
Robert Sanchez

Oliveira is also on MH payroll like eddie

Everyone but you knows
Mh seems to be in control of everyone but you me and probably Pat Ahumada

Mh is a freak he must be stopped

Lucio and Oliveira being purchased like a pair of panties from Wal Mart
Mike Hernandez buying cars and politicians  all over Texas

MZ is a powerful fight in the political landscape of Brownsville and Texas.... he has met privately with governor and dropped cash to him.... 250k to cat

Fuck MZ then eddie III.  Fuck him Water boy V


BobbyWC said...

Not playing, Marin is the one who made the money. The city commission and not just one person voted to give him the money. Go defend Marin someplace else.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Not defending Marin. You have to admit that Eddie TreviƱo spearheaded the money for Marin. They are both to blame. Marin made out like a bandit but Eddie worked the commission for the votes to get it passed. Don’t you agree on that?

BobbyWC said...

You missed the point of the story. I conceded Trevino was part of the mess which in large measure why no blogger has endorsed him. My point why was the man who made he money on the con left out of Sanchez history of what happened?

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Point taken. I agree.

Anonymous said...

Hope you are ok Bobby. You haven’t posted in a while. Hope everything is ok