Sunday, January 7, 2018


The above tape is the full tape.

The information I need to complete this is not on line. The Herald is reporting that Eddie Lucio, counsel for Carlos Elizondo, filed a Motion to Quash a Search warrant sign by Judge Elia Cornejo Lopez on or about October 17. 2017. The argument is the factual claims were false, and Elia Cornejo Lopez was conflicted out. The information is not on line because the case is before Judge Euresti, but the motion to Quash has to be filed before Judge Lopez. She will recuse herself. I predict if the FBI or Saenz do their job [lmfao on this prospect] Judge Lopez and Cesar De Leon will be indicted for obstruction of justice. Why? The tape.


On the tape Cesar from hour 3:03 to 3:08, is clearly trying to force Carlos Elizondo as a BISD Trustee  to intervene to benefit the daughter of Judge Elia Cornejo Lopez concerning her GPA. Cesar is clearly representing the interests of Judge Cornejo Lopez while he has cases before Judge Cornejo-Lopez.

Judge Elia Cornejo Lopez does not get what she wants, so on or about October 17, 2017, she signs a search warrant against Carlos Elizondo.  There is enough evidence on her for the FBI to open an obstruction of justice investigation against Saenz, he knew what he was doing when he went to Judge Lopez, Cesar de Leon, and Judge Lopez.  Saenz by this point knew Judge Lopez had a score to settle with Carlos Elizondo for his refusal to get her daughter's grade changed.

My computer is working on uploading the entire tape to my editor and then I will try and upload the relevant 5 minutes on  YouTube.

Click for the 5 minute pressuring of Trustee Carlos Elizondo by Cesar De Leon to help Judge Lopez's daughter.


Montoya's source is a Trustee.  The trustee was mad as hell that BISD got its ass kicked at the hearing so Montoya approved a comment making vile accusations against one of  Elia Lopez's children.   The accusation was obviously false because you cannot silence the victims.  But the comment was approved as an act of intimidation and retaliation against Elia Lopez.

BISD and Elia Lopez need to join forces to bring Montoya in to force him to disclose his source and for Judge Hanen to specifically order Google to release the IP address and any and all identifying information related to the post.  They also need to ask for leave to conduct a 10 minuted deposition in front of Judge Hanen to force Montoya to give up his source.  BISD will never agree because every board member knows who the leak is.  When Judge Hanen realizes the entire board knows the name of the leak he will destroy BISD.

Mike Hernandez and the subject Trustee wanted BISD to not vote for an attorney to investigate acts of intimidation against the Trustees, because that would have meant the end of his love affair and support for Cesar de Leon.  And the trustee would have been exposed in the investigation.  


At this point all concerned parties know they are facing possible obstruction charges.  Elia has the ability to destroy BISD over the FERPA violations, but now she knows she has endangered herself and may pull back.

I am not Judging Phil Cowen for having an idea of the leak, but he certainly knows who is playing the intimidation against the trustees.  His fiduciary duty to BISD is to say nothing unless under subpoena. So knowing this he wanted to hire counsel to do the investigation and get the truth out there about the leaks and acts of intimidation.  But Montoya was paid to block the hiring of the attorney. Minerva Peña is just too stupid to be alive.

With today's revelation that Judge Lopez signed off on a search warrant on Elizondo's home after he rebuffed Cesar de Leon's demands for her daughter is about to go nuclear.  It will be Eddie Lucio who will develop it because BISD and Elia Lopez are both so compromised they would rather the lawsuit simply go away.

It would not shock me to make all of this to go away, including Saenz's part in chosing Judge Lopez to sign the search warrant, he simply drops the entire criminal case.

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BobbyWC said...

They claim to not be communicating but this happens over and over again. They are both reading the bv 4 minutes apart. Enough time to put Mike Hernandez on notice of my post.

It is all printed and saved guys, just waiting for your testimony declaring you do not communicate.

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