Tuesday, December 5, 2017


It is incredulous to me that 6 people from two familes after the March Primaries could hold county positions.

I will get back  to this tomorrow.  This is my battle right now, how without money and machines do I overcome political dynasties.  As Mary Esther proved yesterday without the family political dynasty handed to her on a silver spoon she would not be able to build a political campaign or win.

Today I will meet with people, and the number one issue is, they will not commit until I can prove I am out there.  I know how much I need to get a good running start.  I refuse to waste the money of those willing to get me on the ballot if I do not have enough for a strong running start.

If you are unwilling to defend Democratic Government by ending these dynasties then you are unwilling to end bad government.

Without campaigning with one another this is a theme Sylvia Garza Perez, [ opponent Lali Betancourt,] Carol Sanchez [ opponent Laura Betancourt], and then me as a prospective opponent of Mary Esther Sorola.

Remember David Betancourt is the county treasurer.  We must end public office as a family business.

If the people can defeat these two dynastic families, it will open the entire electoral process to the people who want to run but cannot because they have no machine, and the donors fear the machines and family dynasties.

Elections should not be run on fear of donating against the candidates of these dynastic families who control local government.


Anonymous said...

Definitely time for new blood!!

BobbyWC said...

cannot do it without money and poltical machines. I have plenty of people saying the money will come once i get on the ballot. That will not do, I need to hit the ground running, or I have no chance of winning.

I will not play games with my donors. I am being honest with them. Far too many are expressing fear to their careers if they cross these families

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Do a gofundme to gage finances.

You must run!

BobbyWC said...

Too late for that. I will not announce on only enough money for the filing fee and setting up the web page. The web page will be set up for donations. I either hit hard the first week, or I do not run.

What I am getting every day is fear of the Dynastic families. I guess dynasties run cameron county and not the people.

When you submit to dynastic rule, you submit to tyrannty which is why so many people are afraid to commit until I can prove I am a viable candidate.

BObby WC

BobbyWC said...

Boy typing monkey you must be sitting there festering over what to post today that you post the same moronic comment over and over again which never gets posted.

I stand by all my words. Words by themselves have no meaning. It is the context in which they are used which give them meaning. So go ahead and do a post on all of the times I used the word moron. But we all know given your lack of journalistic skills you will never tell your readers about the context.

And every time you do it, Mary Esther Sorola will be blamed for a dirty and deceptive campaign. If I used the word pig to describe a woman, it has context - like married men or women who have affairs and get the woman pregnant. I believe in the sanctity of marriage. Married people who have affairs and get the mistress pregnant make the man and woman pigs. It makes a mockery of marriage and family. In the end the biggest victims are the children. So go ahead and defend adultry typing monkey and see how much that helps Mary Esther Sorola.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

making light of mental health issues really diminish you as a human being, which is probably why you never ID myself. I have been an open book since I started this blog. You hide behind anony, and you call me a coward. That's a new one.

Only narcissistic people run for office and take people's money when they have no clear path to winning. I know the money I need to get a quick running start to force substantive debate. I will not ask people to waste their money or expose themselves to attack if I do not have in place what it takes to win.

I am still hopeful a Latina lawyer will run. there are some rumblings. I have told prospective donors I would be happy to have them support a Latina lawyer over me.

The conduct and fear tactics of Mary Esther and Louis Sorola need to come to an end.

Me or someone else I do not care.

The objective is always more important than the person who makes the objective happen.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Go for it Bobby!! Time to end these dynasties!! These hand picked politicians are only in to serve their own interest!!

BobbyWC said...

It cannot be done without money and political machines. I am hearing over and over again people fear retaliation. The issue is easy. I am good a great response on the dynasty issue. It open the doors to everyone to run.

But fear runs elections. Oh I can pay penalties on my retirement and self fund to get started. But I have a strict rule on my retirement. Better to live in my car homeless than touch my retirement early.

Bobby WC