Sunday, December 10, 2017


I still need a few more commitments of at least $500 or a $1,000 to meet my goal.  You can email me your name and phone number and we can meet or talk.  Here is my game plan on how to win.

No formal announcement can be made or money accepted until the Designation of Campaign Treasurer is filed.


Just me filing will kill Mary Esther Sorola.  She has proven through her propagandists there is no low to how low she will go, while never saying a word on why she should be reelected, acknowledging the problems in the JP courts, and how she intends to go about to fix them.  She has nothing but pure evil to offer the people because on issues and qualifications she has nothing and I mean nothing.


I hate people who run and do not have the money to run a viable campaign.  I hate the FB campaigns because there are nothing more than candidates acting as posers- double entendre intended.  There is never anything of substance.

The typing monkey says I have no qualifications.  I am willing to bet I am either number one or in the top three people in Texas, with emergency appellate decisions against judges, called a mandamus,.  The typing monkey says this is not evidence of qualifications.  I have two masters and a doctorate and the typing monkey says not evidence of qualifications.  I lost count a long time ago on how many appellate wins I have.  The typing monkey says not evidence of qualifications.

Do you think it is because I have exposed him as a self publishing smut publisher, went after him through the writers when he tried to set up an online magazine Hot Chili, which is why now all of his writers are in his mind only?  This morning he says he was mistaken for all of his trashing of the Sorolas.  He was mistaken when he trashed me for explaining the property taxes Sorola owned were not part of the community property so they were not hers.  I do not fear the typing monkeys threats two days in a row.  Google is already on it.  I invite the typing monkey's threats because the more he types for Mary Esther Sorola the more the people learn she is lower than human excrement.


While I have not reserved a web page, I have been compiling for later copy and past my professional resume with all of my civil rights victories, the opinions, and the key as to why they are significant.  Now understand the web page will not be a dissertation to bore people.  There will be headline subject matters like winning appellate decisions.  I will then just list the subject matter with a link to the documents if the people so desire to read the opinion and documents.

I have been compiling documents with links to explain my past.  I give a short explanation and offer the electorate access to the documents if they want them.  I then provide excerpts from Mary Esther Sorola defending judicial corruption through her propagandist.  And now even the typing monkey wants in and threatens for the second time in two days to destroy my reputation.  He will not.  The second he sees his name on a lawsuit for defamation false light along with the Sorolas, Dominguez, and Montoya's he will have a planned excursion to his beloved New Mexico, and a claim his non-existent lawyer will contact me.  It is the same every time.  If he needs Sanchez to send someone to pick him up because he does not have transportation where is he going to get the money to get the documents to tell a complete story?  And boy I know exactly where you live, and your daily routine.  You cannot run from service.

During the election the Sorolas will be dealing with the law suit and all of  the documents coming out.  And that is separate from the three federal lawsuits addressing the issues. On Tuesday the federal lawsuits will begin.  The one I hope to have nearly done today, if the TRO hearing is set, Texas politics will change.  With the DOJ behind me as mandated by law, it will get interesting.

There will be a ton of links from Montoya and the typing monkey.  Mary Esther Sorola is so desperate for help she will not denounce the typing monkey for attacking people who Homestead their homes, who are disabled vets, for depicting Brownsville women as nothing short of money hungry sex crazed whores, and depicting Southmost as a trash heap. The BV has endlessly defended Southmost as one of the better parts of town because it is the cultural center of Brownsville, and not for posers who believe they are better than others..  She will not denounce him for calling the people of Brownsville fat and lazy.  All of those posts are printed out and will be linked to short headlines under the web page section - Why will Mary Esther Sorola not denounce this conduct by those who endorse her?  It will be fun.


I need two mailers to go out within a week.  There will be two separate mailers for men and women .  The general mailer will list my reforms, and the subject matter of all my civil right victories with a direction to the web page for the full story.  Cluttered mailers are not read.  I will list all of the financial problems of the Sorola's and ask, did we learn nothing from Villalobos and Limas?  Judicial officers with major financial problems are subject to corruption and this has been proven over and over again.

That is the key and why I set the donation commitment number so high, I need to get out mailers directing people to the web page, which will be short headlines with links to stories and documents.

The mailer also gets my name out there.


You cannot ignore the blind vote which is done by both men and women.  Unfortunately for the male candidate there are more female voters.  So in the mailer which is directed to the female voters you face the elephant in the room and tell them the truth, this practice by both men and women hurts the elections.  You then invite them to get educated and consider the mailer and access the web page.  I am basically starting a conversation.


What has Mary Esther Sorola done for the elderly?  Nothing.  I worked with a start up national organization to help the elderly being abused by the courts, the lawyers and professional guardians under the supervision of Texas Supreme Court Chief Justice Nathan Hecht and Governor Abbott.  

Hundreds of families documented their loved one's cases and they were presented to Congress.  The organization and the people providing the evidence won and now we have a new federal law to address Chief Justice Hecht's and Governor Abbott's incompetence in overseeing the professional guardians and turning a blind eye to the theft of millions for the benefit of the judges, lawyers, and professional guardians who report to them.

My elderly mailer will tell families to instruct the adult day care centers to not allow anyone to drive them to the polls because it is dangerous and they are allowing candidates to have undue influence on their adult loved ones.  I will tell the families and the elderly to make sure they tell their loved ones to allow no one to touch their mail ballots and that if anyone shows up asking for the mail ballot to call to police and then their family.  Get their name.

I will tell the families to instruct the nursing homes to keep their loved ones away from the candidates or else.


Nothing posted by Mary Esther Sorola even remotely suggests she has thought at this depth of the problems and how to address them.  Nothing.  Her qualification at every level are none existent which even with forum shopping is why so few people file in her court.  Her reputation is well known so people in the know avoid her court,.  The BV has published those numbers.

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BobbyWC said...

Go for it typing monkey. It will only prove how little regard mary Esther Sorola has for the law and veterans. The documents - yea I know you were never taught about documents - will show I paid 100% of my student loans and original interest. A program for veterans allowed me to not pay the extra interest. I followed the law. It shocks no one Mary Esther Sorola would be against this.

So go for it.

I will be posting my release of lien on my IRS taxes which shows I paid 100% of the taxes, penalties and interest. I chose to not go for an offer and compromise which is standard procedure. Something I have done for many clients. I guess you will trash that too.

Typing monkey you will hang Mary Esther so please by all means post 24/7

Bobby WC