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A very reliable source and eyewitness contacted me immediately on this post.  As I have explained over and over againt because of the nature of the beast Linda Salazar gets the bulk of the wedding referrals because of her longevity on the bench. Everyone who has ever run a successful business knows this.  This is why it is lost on Mary Esther and Loius Sorola.


A couple set up a date for a wedding with Judge Salazar.  They were told they had to get a license.  They went for the license.  Judge Salazar who they had already chosen to perform the wedding went to the second floor to remind them when they are done with the requirements which include a waiting period that they then need to return to her floor.  That is it.

My witness is reliable and was there and heard everything.  What Montoya did was take an innocent act and make it into something big with lies to make it appear to be something it was not.  I trust my source because they were up front that in fact Judge Salazar was there, no denial, but went on to explain what really happened.

My sources in county administration have informed me that they are trying to get on the agenda to make it a basis for discharge if any JP employee is caught outside the office directing people to a particular JP for weddings.  This is good.  I have posted Jonathan Gracia's Assistant near the elevator directing people and posted the picture.  Mary Esther Sorola periodically puts her staff outside the office to direct people to her office for weddings.

My solution is simple, the county should make the maximum rate for county time weddings $100.00, with half being paid to the county.  Or outright ban weddings being done on county time, or allowing the JP staff to work on setting weddings while on the clock.  In fact Alex Dominguez told me he fully supports  this, but then donates to Mary Esther Sorola who is supporting none of the reforms needed to fix the problems in the JP courts.  So what's up Alex with your lies?


Fact: The evidence shows the Sorolas are in financial ruin, and that several years back Louis Sorola had to file for bankruptcy.  The propaganda mouth piece for the Sorolas never ever talks about the great things she is doing as a JP, because she does nothing as a JP to make things better.  Does she belong to any of the State JP organizations which work to improve the laws and procedures for litigants in the JP courts?  Nope.

Mary Sorola endlessly bitches about not earning enough money from marriages, not about making the JP court system easier for the people, especially the pro se.  When Linda Salazar tries to make it easier for the pro se, the Sorola's propagandist attacks Linda Salazar.

I think it is way past due for Linda Salazar to sue the Sorola's and their mouth piece for defamation per se, and defamation false light.

This is not complex, Linda Salazar has been around for so long she has tons of referrals. This is lost on Louis Sorola because he does not make a living on referrals such as Linda Salazar, but on court appointments, and working with the judges to by pass the wheel for the appointments and go directly to him.  I am sure he has a few clients he has secured on his own.  But he certainly has no concept of the importance of referrals in building a business.


Not one, not even once could he post evidence of his claim.  Joe Rivera and Sylvia Garza swore an investigation was done and no evidence to support Mary Esther's lies to Montoya could be found.

In fact now Montoya  has backed away from his claims of proof, to suspected "In the past, other JPs had suspected that she had a plant in county clerk Sylvia Garza Perez's office steering customers to her office to hook them up for the wedding ceremonies at $200 to $350 a pop. In Texas, JPs keep the cash for the ceremonies."


On a marriage license, you go to the second floor and pay a fee.  You are given a package about how to proceed.  If you do not want to wait the 72 hour waiting period, you pay the District Clerk a fee for a waiver and then search out a judge to sign the waiver.  You have no way of knowing if the judge will sign the waiver.  So why when just going for the licence would you bring along your entire wedding party?  You would not, which is why we know the story is a lie.  If your witness says he was given a business card by Linda Salazar, why did Montoya not post the business card?  It never happened.

What may have happened is someone told Mary Esther {correction should have read "told Mary Esther Linda Salazar"]was on the second floor for some business reason, and from there they concocted the story.

From Mary Esther's propagandist:

"She said her name was Linda Salazar and the at [should be "that"] she was a JP on the second floor, all in Spanish. I think she thought everyone there was getting [a] license. She didn't know hat[should be "that"]  except for our friends getting the license, we were all part of the wedding party. So she handed out cards and said that she could marry them on the second floor."

When I did a story where I was the eye witness and posted a picture of Jonathan Gracia's assistant outside the elevator directing people, Montoya did not have a word to say about it.


I have verified that Louis Sorola has a ton of cases in Jonathan Gracia's court.  I could not find one in his wife's court, which would mean automatic recusal anyway, and none in Linda Salazar's court.  I could be wrong on Linda Salazar, I just did not see them.  I was given a tip, and Jonathan Gracia and Louis Sorola before the March primary will be dealing with this. So far everything thing I have been told has proven true. This is why Montoya protected Jonathan Gracia when I was able to speak as the eye witness with a picture to verify my claim.  Louis Sorola  and Jonathan Gracia are part of a forum shopping scheme.  This scheme also goes to a cover up with the help of Alex Dominguez.  It is all coming out before the primaries.

This is an example of Linda Salazar trying to make the JP courts more equitable while Mary Esther Sorola offers nothing.  Commissions court so far opposes this reform with Alex Dominguez and and Sofia Benavides opposing the reform to protect Mary Esther Sorola.

The US Supreme Court has an opinion nearly every term denouncing forum shopping and ending it.  Texas law was changed to stop plaintiff lawyers from filing major personal injury claims in the LRGV as part of forum shopping for the judges most likely to rule for them.  The Texas Supreme Court even weighed in in a Cameron county case to end the forum shopping.

Judge Linda Salazar has been for several years asking for a central clerk to randomly assign all new JP cases by computer.  This will make the system more equitable.  But Alex Dominguez with his lies, and Sofia Benavides do not want a central clerk.  It will end the deal making and forum shopping arrangements.


BobbyWC said...

First of all Marty Esther Sorola keeps this going. Second send me the story with proof and I will print it

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

You people are driven in you lies. You are sick. In discrediting the idea the wedding party was there I specifically noted you have to wait for a judge to sign it and it may not be right away. did you not read that part. Further you have no idea how the courts work. When judges are unavailble other judges sign urgent documents for them such as a TRO. So you just want to accuse Linda of all these things. You are so stupid it boggles my mind. You say I can examine her wedding books. Fine, then instead of accusing get off your worthless ass, go get the proof an email it to me and I will publish it.

But you will not - you just lie the Sorola way.

Bobby WC