Saturday, December 9, 2017


"Republican Rep. Mia Love of Utah said on Thursday that her colleague GOP Rep. Blake Farenthold of Texas should resign in light of allegations he sexually harassed members of his staff."

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I do not care if you are a Democrat of Republican you should hold Congresswoman in high regard for introducing legislation to keep the taxpayers from ever again having to pay for a settlement in a claim against a member of Congress.

The two pay to play bloggers are writing for those who pay them to attack and defend Adela Garza for not calling for Farenthold's resignation.  This is a time of significant social change on how women are to be treated,  I do not care what party you are in when you are an elected official of the party who has paid out a settlement using taxpayers' money, you have a duty to do two things [1] call for that Republican's resignation; and [2] act responsible like Congresswoman Love and call for more legislation to protect women.

Adela, and if Cascos intends to run have both dropped the ball on this one.

But I would never tell anyone to vote on one issue.  Adela was part of the save TSC team and for that the people should always be grateful.  With all of Cascos' faults, during his tenure Commissioners Court was not seen as a cesspool of corruption.  

What frustrates me about this entire topic with the exception of the most Honorable Republican Love, neither Democrat nor Republican seem interested in new legislation to protect women.  That is the real story and not calling out Republicans and Democrats who fail to call for accountability against those where some of the claims are undisputed. 

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