Friday, December 1, 2017


This morning she pays her drunk to slam me with defamation.  This is defamation per se Mary because the story as told is 100% false.  You were warned but honor evades you.

Fact, and will be proven in Court.  At the time of the indictment I was practising law legally in federal court with no objection from the federal judges.  In fact I was practicing before the US Supreme Court, with no objection.

Rather than try the case the court dropped the charges to a misdemeanor because they knew in a jury trial they could not win with my court admission licenses before the federal courts in evidence.

As a fact finding judge, Mary Esther Sorola says such things are trivial.  Is this justice in her court.

My court appointed lawyer told me he wanted to drag this thing out because he wanted to make some money on it and in the end the DA would drop it.  I would not have it.

At that time he failed to appear in court while having failed to inform me to be in court.  I learned what happened and immediately went to court.  The judge had me arrested and denied bail.  Unheard of in a misdemeanor case especially since I was only a few hours late.

All of this is in the information the Sorola's  paid for from Dallas.  Why does Mary Esther and Louis Sorola find lying so easy, because the are the evil duo.

They also fail to tell you after I fired Cook he illegally asked that the court appoint a psychiatrist to examine me for mental competence.  He was upset I told the court how he was trying to engage in billing fraud against the county, and for firing him for failing to appear in court.

The state paid the psychiatrist and he found John Cook's motion was totally without merit.

It should shock no one the ethically challenged dishonorable Mary Esther Sorola supports declaring anyone who tells the truth and engages in dissent being declared mentally incompetent.  This is not North Korea.  Did you fail geography as well as ethics?  See you in court Mary, Louis, and Montoya, and Mary before the commission on judicial conduct.  There are rules Mary and not that you would know them.

Mary there are actual rules of how a judge shall not mislead the electorate about her opponent.

Rules Matter


She admitted she fears me running against her.  She admitted she will mislead the voters.  She admitted she cannot run on her record.

These family dynasties go against the American system of public office.  They have to stop.

Like I said over and over again, if this country cannot do better than Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton we are screwed.

If Mary Esther Sorola knew anything about public service which she does not, she would know sometimes a campaign is about debating issues to make the system better and not winning.  It is not about the candidates but making things better for the people.  This is completely lost on Mary Esther.

Elective office is about the people, and not a self serving pathologically lying Mary Esther Sorola.


BobbyWC said...

Stop the nonsense her campign reports show she pays Montoya for propaganda - you trolls never cease to amaze me. But real judges will get it.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I am with Erin. Once you work with your political signs let us know. We'll help. Try to do it fast. Hoping to have enough time.

BobbyWC said...

What does Erin have to do with my compaign? I will not lie I will accept her help, but here is a fact. When Peña sued her father in the election contest I covered it and denounced the actions against the senior citizens. In fact I filed the complaint with the AG from the trial testimoney from the first witness which got Margarita Ozuna indicted. Montoya, Mary Esther Sorola's propagandist denounced me just calling me an out of towner who did not understand stealing mail ballots is just how it is done in Cameron County. When I reviewed the evidence against Erin Garcia, had she taken my advice I think the couple Sorola represented would have found themselves in trouble with the INS. The only claim he proved against her was on Free Speech which in a similar case a district judge found to be a violation of the Constitutional Rights of the JP. So in the end Louis Sorola destroyed the judicial career of an innocent person with the help of his drunk paid propagandist, on no evidence. How he and his wife with so little regard for evidence can be judges blows my mind. Louis Sorola and Mary Esther Sorola know nothing about honor or integrity.

Bobby WC