Thursday, December 7, 2017


Sorola claims he has an Order of Exoneration on the Judgment Nisi. Nothing in the underlying case docket sheet shows such an Order.  So if it exists it was never docketed.  But assuming it does exist the law remains he may still owe money to the county, unless that is yet another unrecorded order.

"A surety exonerated under Subdivision 5, Subsection (a), remains obligated to pay costs of court, any reasonable and necessary costs incurred by a county to secure the return of the principal, and interest accrued on the bond amount from the date of the judgment nisi to the date of the principal's incarceration."

The fact remains he was served with the notice of the judgment nisi in civil court and ignored it until outed at the BV.  this is not how honorable attorneys and Associate Judges promote integrity in the system.

This is not how attorneys handle their client's affairs.  If all of this existed he should have answered the lawsuit and ended it.

Now there appears to be an interesting question.  If all of the items for which he is liable were not paid back in May, does the interest on the judgment Nisi end on the day of apprehension of the original defendant, or two is there only additional interest on the original interest.

Why has the county not replaced the original attorney who dropped the ball?  Why was a default not filed?  All of this merits an investigation by commissioners court, but we all know with Sorola's mother in law being County Commissioner Sofia Benavides this all will be washed under the carpet so Sorola can claim victory against the mean old Brownsville Voice.  Why is it he had to be outed about his taxes, and then get caught lying about paying the taxes, and now this, and Commissioners Court and the District Judges seem to think this is all how business is done?  Oh wait, this is how business is done when you are a self anointed Noble in the Dynastic House of Sofia Benavides.

What the county and the district judges all fail to understand is when a sitting county commissioner's [Sofia Benavides] son in law  and associate judge is given this type privileges by the commission and judges, the integrity of the entire system fails.

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