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I do not even know where to begin with the clown.


 The battlefield acupuncture stopped working again. My roommate had to help me around all day. Then came his new Smart TV. Great TV horrible instructions. So that took a few hours. But with my wifi, he has Internet, with my Amazon Prime he gets all Amazon movies and programming for free, and with his family cell phone plan gets him all Netflix.  It cost me the entire day. but Smart TV's are real cool.

My legs are bad.  Walking, sitting down, standing up means falling.  This morning I felt a bit better and went to Home Depot, and while parking loss complete use of my right leg and while trying to move it off the gas peddle the car accelerated, I had to swerve to avoid hitting a pole.

The VA will not help.  We have no qualified doctors in Harlingen.  If there is a qualified neurosurgeon in the LRGV the VA cannot find one.  That is the problem.  The VA San Antonio and Dallas by law are to accept us and they will not.  I am working with a group of veterans going through the same process.  The doctors promise something and then drop it because no one will work with LRGV veterans.

The VA San Antonio has a great pain management neurologist.  He wants to treat the veterans from the LRGV, but the Chief Administrator and Medical Officer are banning treatment of for LRGV veterans.

The Trump White House complaint line is just another one of his cons.  They are powerless and the doctors here just dismiss their complaints on behalf of the LRGV veterans.  As noted before, the Harlingen Clinic for years has been rated as at the bottom when it comes to caring for veterans.  Congressman Vela is a con artist who has refused to help the veterans.  When he speaks of veteran issues he lies because he knows he can.

I am hoping to get a walker today.  A lawyer for a group of veterans is putting the VA on notice that the VA, the Harlingen Clinic, and VA San Antonio are about to be sued over this mess.  I know the VA they will spend a year investigating, nothing will change, no one will be fired, and the veterans will be left hanging.  Well they are going to do it before a federal judge in Washington.  The veterans I am working with are sinking into deep depression, unable to function, and are in disbelief no one in the VA system cares.


I have a ton of text messages Sanchez forwarded to me from Cris.  In our conversations Sanchez repeatedly demanded I do a story that Carlos Cascos lost his job with the SOS because Mexico filed protests with the Governor that Cris was using his job at the SOS's office for self dealing in developing his own business connections with Mexico for his private dealings.

He continues to refuse to admit he lied about Mike Hernandez's drug use and that Mike is a scam artist.  Or are the two in a Mexican stand off with Mike fearing what a lawsuit will reveal. and Sanchez simply not having the money to defend a lawsuit so he continues to endorse Herndandez.  His is the deal boys, every time Sanchez praises Mike Hernandez this paragraph and following graphics will be posted to the BV, until suit is filed by Hernandez, or Sanchez admits he is a liar.  Admitting he is a liar clears Cris Valadez of the lies Sanchez told me about the SOS and Cascos, and Hernandez.  But did Sanchez also lie when he implicated himself in knowing drug dealers?

We know Sanchez is a coward, drug user during his divorce according to official court filings, and a liar.  We know he claims there is an alien civilization in the Gulf of Mexico, and that he favors closing the libraries as not needed.  The latter explains why he dropped out of every university his daddy sent him to, and why he is a complete moron when it comes to knowing history.

His Aztec piece to try a play the race card was so devoid of reality, who ever wrote for him did it to humiliate him.  Historical fact, most of the indigenous people east of what is today Mexico city, grew tired of being enslaved and slaughtered by the Aztec nation and willingly joined forces with the Spaniards to defeat the Aztec nation.  According to Sanchez the Aztecs are somehow the victims.

Mexico is filled with hundreds of indigenous tribes which still practice their traditions, while speaking their language.   The RarĂ¡muri or Tarahumara, in Chihuahua are mixed in terms of their independence from Spanish influence.  Some are integrated and a large number still speak their native language and practice and live by their traditional ways.

If you believe Sanchez the olive skin, not the white skin such as the French and English, Spanish used the darker skin as a basis to discriminate.

Historical fact is indigenous tribes all over what is today New England and Southern Canada fought with the French against the British settlers because of the barbaric practises of the British towards the indigenous people.

The Narragansett people of New England and Long Island, fought with those who truly believed in Religious Freedom and with those who paid to buy their land for settlement.  This is a unique part of Rhode Island history.  My grandfather 11 generations removed was saved by the Narragansett people during a raid in Connecticut to return him to his home in Rhode Island before being sent back to England for religious hearsay.  

All civilizations going back to modern humans conquering Neanderthal man, is about one group conquering another.  There is no pure genetic British blood line because it is an island of different conquering people.  This is why English is considered a barbaric language. It is a mutt language of many languages.

Playing the race card on lies is despicable.


Sanchez's evidence delusions is seen in the following statement.

"I as Cameron County Judge will tell all when first space rocket will launch.  Elon Musk will tell me and I will insist his word is golden.  I am Robert Sanchez and business will proceed ladies and gentlemen. We do not wait."

Musk is accustomed to working with billionaires with highly qualified staff and PhD engineers, and Sanchez wants you to believe as a drop out of every university he has ever attended, he is going to force Musk to ignore all science variables and answer his question or else.  Delusional

Sanchez fails to understand, other than he has no chances of winning, he is one vote, and the City Commission and County Commission are laughing their asses off over his claim on Musk.

Sanchez who is very science challenged fails to understand windows for launching and weather.  Something which Musk cannot predict at this stage of the game.

I am not saying he is lying, he is just stupid.


He finally realized McHale played him into working with Sanchez for the benefit of Cascos.  So today the typing monkey today announces because Sanchez is running for office he is done with Sanchez.  The typing monkey was the only one not aware of how he was being played to promote Sanchez for the benefit of Carlos Cascos and Cris Valadez.  He monkey I think Cris's tax picture applies here again, because he bested you, again.


I give you safe haven to call out Sanchez on the SOS claims.  I will allow for no comments.  Your response will be free standing to clear your name from Robert Sanchez's lies.  The power is yours Cris.  But if you do not, boy do I have a lot text messages from you to Sanchez, which he gave me, which in the end will give people pause to think what Sanchez says you did may be true.

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BobbyWC said...

I like your comment about the meeting. But you mention the name of a non public figure who in my view has been a victim so many times over and the BV has made a decision to never use her name.

Also I will not implicate Morgan in anything. I get so many comments about here which I verify are not true. They never get through

Bobby WC