Thursday, December 21, 2017


Boy my family loves to procreate.  He is a preemie so he comes home on Christmas day. Life can be weird.  Last time I was packing to go to NY for this baby's great grandfather's funeral I got the call my sister in Tenn had also passed.  Tonight while packing and working I got this text.  Our family is huge and  bit nicer this Christmas.  He is named after his late great grandfather. The family is all stoked he is finally here, although early.  


Anonymous said...

Obviously this isn’t a comment on one of your post but just thought it was the quickest, easiest way to reach you. If the stuff about Judge Cornejo-Lopez are true, are their any issues of her using work time to serve the lawsuit? What about the likelihood she used county time and resources drafting it (computer, printer, West law or other resources)? Have a merry Christmas and I would have waited until after the holidays but was afraid I’d forget

BobbyWC said...

Major flight delay out of Harlingen. I need to check the facts. But federal law says service of the lawsuit must be in accordance with state law. I have to see is state law has changed but a party or their lawyer cannot serve the lawsuit. But state law may have changed. The FERPA issue is serious. I suspect everyone who posted the information on line will be called to court to disclose how they got the information. If they refuse Judge Hanen will hold them in contempt. The damages are ridiculous but there are potential issues. I will post something tomorrow on service. But it becomes moot once the defendants show unless they object

Anonymous said...

I was wondering more about possible use of county time and resources working on private work.