Wednesday, December 27, 2017


We started with fried fresh bay scallops.  Then we went to a restaurant where most of us had a red clam chowder with crab.  Then we headed to the winery for a few glass.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful family.

Anonymous said...

I always like the family pictures you put up in your blog.
I like the one you put up when your family visited the island and there is another one with your family when you went up to NY to visit them.
This is a beautiful family picture.
At the end of our individual life, we look at pictures of family and friends together and we know how lucky and blessed we have been.
Merry Christmas to you and a Blessed 2018.

BobbyWC said...

Thanks to both. I am home. It was so hard to leave. Everyday was an adventure.

I am looking forward to my 60th in March in NY. In a matter of three days there will be 4 B-Days.

My family is my rock.

At a time when family is everything it disgusts me how some bloggers are still defaming during the Holidays without any spirit for the Holiday Spirit. But I have family to turn to so maybe that is the difference.

In February I have my niece and her girlfriend, and my nephew coming for a week.

I loved how the grandnieces all came to me for hugs and to chat nothings. They all know I will give them the time. My grandnephew never left the hospital because the baby is on hold until tomorrow.

My sister always makes me do Grace on Christmas Eve because she knows I will always have something new about family.

I was crying before I started, 7-8 words out my sister the great grandmother, and her daughter the grandmother started to cry with joy. If you get family this is simple. The baby is named after his late great grandfather so I said "we thank the Lord for the new blessing just before who has brought ,,,,,, back to us and has proven life is renewed through family>" I do not use the baby's name because that is private.

If I could put in a jar how I feel about family and sell it I would be a millionaire.

We are not perfect, as we like to saw "Hopelessly dysfunction and proud of it>

Again thanks

Bobby WC