Tuesday, December 5, 2017


"Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., said he will step down from Congress as of Tuesday, amid allegations of sexual misconduct leveled by multiple women."

Source NPR:

UPDATE:  Unlike other states here the Governor has to call a special election with primaries.  Well given this is a year of primaries, that is no challenge.  The Dems will hold the seat in the end.  What angers me now is Conyers contempt for true Democracy by endorsing his son.  These families do not own the  elective office.  They are owned by the people.


For now the Republicans will pick up a seat in the House, because the Governor in his state is a Republican.  But the Democrats will win it back in November.

We have learned two things from this mess.  Women are still victims in a major way, but not enough for Congress or the states to pass new laws to better protect women, and when it comes to this issue it is hard for people to defend innocent until proven guilty.  I am the first to say it is impossible.

Yesterday a hand written note allegedly written by Republican Senate Candidate Roy Moore emerged.  Moore has categorically denied ever meeting this women when she was 17.  A hand writing analysis ends the discussion as to whether or not he ever met her.

The news media on both sides is spinning these stories in ways it is hard to know the truth.  Kevin Spacey ended his career by admitting to some of the allegations and then to top it off won the hatred of the gay spectrum community by blaming it on him being gay.  Spacey is responsible for his own acts and no one else.  His career is over.

But what bothers me is, not even the self anointed gay spectrum leadership will raise the question, did bigotry towards the gay spectrum create Spacey?  They fear it will be interpreted as a defense of his actions.  No, his actions were reprehensible and he and he alone owns them.  But if we cannot confront the consequences of bigotry we will never end it.

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