Saturday, December 2, 2017

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Celebrate Puerto Rico! JibJab is donating a portion of every sale related to "Despacito" to the hurricane relief efforts.

Because of a problem with the subcontractor used by the original vendor it took me nearly a year to find someone qualified to build windstorm certified doors. I suspect the original vendor has fix his problem because I know him to be a good businessman. In the end I fell short $3,300 for the three sets of energy efficient windstorm certified doors. McCoys offered me interest free the $3,300 for 12 months.  Well yesterday I made my 12th and final payment.  All interest free money.

So now that they are paid for the insurance savings and BPUB savings are all mine to pay down the 3.9 interest for three years on the new attic insulation.  I will also use the McCoy payment to pay off Home Depot. I will be done with that by Summer.  I do a lot of work on my house.  I am always upgrading.

$1,000 of the pay off for McCoys came from the BPUB.  They gave me $500 for the doors, and $500 for the insulation.  Both payments went to McCoys.

I live in a world where I buy what I need and not run up my credit cards for things I do not really need.  My house gives me great joy, especially when used by friends for parties.  I really need new clothes because everything is baggy on me now.  I think for sure I can be down 45 pounds since I started the post bariatric surgery diet, without the surgery.  It is called discipline.  I do not judge those who do not have it, but I do because I have a very strong sense of mind over matter.

But on my 60th in NY a shopping spree will be my thing, unless I run for JP, then I have to go the day after the primaries.  The primary is on my B-day, March 6, 2018.  Maybe I will get a special present for my B-Day.

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