Friday, December 15, 2017


The BV has lost count on how many times it will not allow through the cowardly anony comments accusing the County Chair of everything under the sun.  I rejected another one this morning.

Imagine a group of elephants attacking one another endlessly until there is only one left standing, that is what is happening within the Cameron County Republican Party.

Now the funny part is the same trolls whose comments I reject over and over again who are part of this internal war, will post today with distraction saying it is all lies.

The conspiracy theories on Robert Sanchez entering the race for County Judge are endless.  There are so many contradicting claims on who did what and when it is just bizarre.  And of course none of these cowards will post their name.

Guys, kill each other, I do not care.  But again I am telling you type away.  None of your comments will get through.

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Anonymous said...

She is fair and a good Chairman and the party needs people like her now more than ever because it’s going crazy. She’s also got a huge pair of balls and doesn’t back down and is firm in applying the rules and explaining the process. She also responds to people even to her criticizers and that is something we need in more leaders. I never saw that with Frank or the democrat chairman and my vote matters too. Hopefully she goes on to run for higher office because she wouldn’t look the other way just to avoid conflict. She’s being attacked from a handful of white supremacist people in the party who are far right wing crazies who bully people that give in and she firmly says hell no. They dont know what to do with her for the time being except grumble every time she succeeds at something like becoming one of the youngest state committeemen and chairmen in the state when we are looking for something refreshing after being ruled by old white farts for as long as we can remember. She’s a breath of fresh air and is moderate and reasonable and can work with all sides of an issue if people are willing to come to the table. I’ll vote for her again if she has an opponent.