Thursday, December 7, 2017


I can be diagnosed with cancer tomorrow, and reject treatment not because I expect to be healed but because I do not believe in death.  My faith is so strong I know life is eternal through my spirit, and since no one can kill my spirit what do I have to fear.  Yes my strong faith makes me enemies, but better enemies than a coward.

From Mary Baker Eddy:

""There is no life, truth, intelligence, nor substance in matter. All is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation, for God is All-in-all. Spirit is immortal Truth; matter is mortal error. Spirit is the real and eternal; matter is the unreal and temporal. Spirit is God, and man is His image and likeness. Therefore man is not material; he is spiritual"


On the morning of the 10th after I file my designation of campaign treasurer, which is ready to go, I then need to be able to email prospective donors, I will accept their money on the 10th so the campaign checking account can be opened and I can pay with a check the filing fee on the 11th.

I need $10,000, preferably $15,000 in the bank to sprint right out of the gate. Without these commitments I will not file.  I will not waste $2,000 of hard earned money from a handful of people to get on the ballot, knowing full well it will not get me out of the gate.  I need to sprint out of the gate on day one.  Otherwise I am wasting my supporters' time, and money.  I have too much respect for my supporters to lie to them about the reality.  I am happy that I am up to potentially 5 political machines.  All 5 are against Mary Ether Sorola, but some are not sure they want to be in an open alliance with me because of fear of retaliation.  But they will work my campaign along with theirs.

This is how you build a campaign.  You either have what it takes to win when you enter the race, or not enter the race and waste people's money and create needless drama for other people.

It saddens me the consistency with which I hear they fear retaliation.  How sad in our democracy people fear giving to a political campaign out of fear of retaliation.  This is an indictment on the dynastic families which must face their constructive Bastille Day on March 6, 2018.  It is time the dynastic families learn, it's the people who matter and not the candidates of the dynasties.  "We began our inquiry by noting that our primary concern is not the interest of candidate Anderson, but rather, the interests of the voters who chose to associate together to express their support for Anderson's candidacy and the views he espoused".  Click for Supreme Court

If our democracy is to survive there can be no fear of the dynastic self anointed nobles. 

I have a very specific strategy to get my name all over Brownsville within 2 weeks with a clear picture of who I really am, all of the civil right cases I have won for the poor and middle class, and all the lies bought and paid for by Mary Esther and Louis Sorola.

I will also be specific about how mentally ill and intellectually deficient pro ses are not getting justice in JP courts because the JP's do not know the law.  Never again will a women be evicted for calling the police over domestic abuse.  Never again will someone on a housing voucher be evicted unless the landlord follows the special rules to the T.  I will work hard at my cost to work with state groups to make the JP courts more accessible to the people.  I will work tirelessly to have the Texas Supreme Court Amend the Rules again to fix the problems which still remain to insure equal justice.

My prospective opponent has done nothing along these lines.  Too late Mary, you cannot now claim you will do it in the future.  You should have already done it.

I will have every issue known to all of the voters.  If every JP would give half of what they charge for weddings on county property during business hours to the county it would defray the cost of hiring a central clerk for the JP's whose job in part would be to receive and randomly assign all new cases by computer.  This would end forum shopping, and equalize the number of cases each JP receives.  But Mary Esther knows this would mean getting the same number of cases as Linda Salazar and she cannot put up with that.

Mary Esther's moronic supporters so far only have fat jokes and claims I am after the money.  I am the one offering to donate half the wedding fee to the county to help pay for a centralized clerk for the JP courts.  I am the one working to stop the county from charging the illegal marriage waiting period fee waiver.  I am the one offering to use my money to sue the state for declaratory relief to prove JP's can sign the waivers, which will not include a fee because I have already worked to stop it.  I am the one saying I have no real interest in nighttime or weekend weddings and am willing to send the couple to the other JP's.  So exactly what money am I looking for.

Mary Esther on no issue can compete with me, so fat jokes and lies about me going for the money, and false light defamation by her is all she and her supporters have.


email me your commitment of support along with your name and number and we shall go from there.  I know a lot of people will make false promises, so I will only count the money from people I know will write that check after I file my designation of campaign treasurer.


Anonymous said...

The people are behind you Bobby.

Anonymous said...

If you have $2,000 in the account then It would be a good idea for you not to run. That means you have no supporters, which will probably be the case.

If you get $15,000 then go for it.

BobbyWC said...

We both agree on the terms as to whether I should run, but your assumptions are wrong. I have nothing in the account, just offers which I have yet to agree to accept now or in the future. It is a legal issue. I have at least $15,000 of possible donations but to get to that number the prospective donors want to know I can get my name out there. They want to put the cart ahead of the horse and fail to understand I need the money on the day I designate my campaign treasurer so I can sprint out of the gate on day one.

The support is there, but people kind of want assurances I will win. I cannot guarantee anything except I have a good game plan.

I hate the so many candidates who have put there name on the ballot with no game plan, no political machines and no idea if they can raise the money.

I know how to win, and unfortunately while I have maybe 5 political machines backing me, everyone fears retaliation. the fear of Saenz indicting every elected official who crosses the person he supports is real. I have been told this to my face by elected officials

Cameron County is Officially a Tyranical State where the Dynastic Families rule, and the people have no rights.

When you allow yourself to be ruled by fear you will lose every time.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

How much have these machines pledged? How much more do we need to raise for you to get to $15,000?

BobbyWC said...

First, I have royally messed up with my datea. I have to know where I am by Sunday night because everything needs to be filed by Monday.

People who want to help to get me to the initial amount have my phone number and email address.

They need to email with there phone number. All I will tell anyone is, unless I am certain the number is there I will not agree to accept in the future funds from anyone. Once I know I am there with the number from people I can trust versus the con artist trying to play me, then I will email everyone saying I need to start picking up the checks monday morning. I have all paperwork ready. I will be at the elections office when it opens on Monday for my designation of campaign treasurer, pick up a few checks, then file and pay the $1,000. I will then be allowed to reserve the web page and begin to build it. The design is done in my head, I just cannot even reserve the name until I have a campaign treasurer.

This is very winnable based on my strategy, but I do not know how to overcome the response of get on the ballot, lets see the response and then I may give. Unless people know I am there there will be no response. If people prefer the Dynastic Families that is fine. That is how democracy works.

For paperwork purposes I need your name, address, employment - retired is a term for many forms of not working, and phone number. I will not have anyone file on me an ethics violation because I left out information.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Can you get a Gofundme acct? I am sure others will donate. I can only do about $20.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion run against one of the SCOUNDRELS at bisd but i know you have law experience.Give it some thought

BobbyWC said...

The level of corruption at BISD is so massive one trustee can do nothing.

My interest in JP is the courts are a mess, in part because of the State not clarifying rules, and not enforcing the rules against the JPs. As a JP I can work for free on state committees to bring about the reform needed to make all JP courts in the state better.

This is not about money, which if legal I would testify that the county should collect all of the money for weddings done on county property, unless leased by the couple for use after hours. the county does have a lot of beautiful venues they should be renting out for weddings.

Why is SPI not advertised as a destination wedding location? Mismanagement

I need an elective office where I can use my skills to make things better for the people. As a JP I do not need to support of anyone in the county. There are changes I can make, like insuring victims of domestic abuse have their rights preserved. I can work with state committees to address the problems in JP courts. But as one BISD trustee there is very little I can do.

But your idea has merit if I could make a difference and I do not believe I can make a difference as one.

Bobby wc