Wednesday, December 20, 2017


Twitter wars are for twits.  The polling has them at a statistical dead tie for unpopularity, 35/36%.  The Democrats being self destructive still are clueless as to why they lost.  The Democratic Plantation Politics will never end.  They believe they own minorities.  Slavery is over numb nuts, you lost the war between the states.

Trump Polling

Hillary Polling

  • But some Democrats say the party needs to do more to engage black voters during nonelection years.
  • "It's time for them to get off their ass and start making life better for black folks and people who are poor," the retired NBA star Charles Barkley, an Alabama native, said.
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Charles Barkley's speech was amazing when he praised Doug Jones for the win, and then put out the warning that Blacks and other minorities will no longer be dismissed by the Democrats as for sure votes.

The Democrats did not hear a word he said.  How dare a slave speak to them that way.  Stop covering up black on black crime and do what needs to be done, spend the money for a large law enforcement presence to protect the innocent.  Admit the truth about how Reagan and Bush I flooded poor communities with drugs to fund the civil wars in Central America.  Admit how Bush II, Obama, and now Trump aid the Afghan farmers by aiding in opium production for sale in the U.S. to keep the farmers happy and away from the Taliban.

Black on black crime is a direct result of both Democrats and Republicans treating them as slaves and lab rats.  The Democrats have summarily dismissed Charles Barkley's warning.  Slaves do not get a vote in Democratic Party Plantation politics.

If I could sue Nancy Pelosi to get her to stop sending upwards of 5 emails a day with her endless petitions which are meaningless I would.  They all get marked as spam, and they keep on coming.  She has no opt out on her emails.  She somehow seems to think she is going to endear me to her by harassing me to death.

Gilbert Hinojosa plays the same game.  Everyday my FB account gets hit with another  Texas Democratic Party demand I sign a petition.  These petitions are a distraction from the fact the Democrats have put forth not one idea for anything.  They cannot compete with the Republicans for ideas which get their base jumping so they con us with stupid petitions which are going nowhere.

For weeks we had to hear the same talking points over tax reform long before there was even a Bill.

We are not stupid.  We know talking points are nothing more than an indoctrination tactic used by rudderless politicians to manipulate the ignorant.

Okay back to bed.  Monday I took a hard fall.  By chance I had an appointment on Monday with the physical medicine doctor.  There was no swelling and no obvious broken bones.  I just hurt.  Yesterday was real bad, and right now my ribs, back, right side, and shoulders are killing me.

Since nothing works for pain, I use sleep.  Sitting in this chair is killing my back.

With pressure on the VA the physical therapist's decision to deny me the EMG requested by the neurosurgeon has been granted.  The consult was on Monday.  Based on multiple head and spinal MRI's the doctor concluded it was necessary to do the EMG from the neck down to my feet.  It will be two hours with a 28 gage needle poking me from the neck down to the feet.  It will be two hours of intense crying in horrific pain.  The procedure is on January 5th.  It has to be done to determine if surgery is a must, and how to proceed and where.

I had it done on my hands twice before the carpal tunnel surgery.  It is very, very painful.

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BobbyWC said...

Make sure you print out all of my comments about how my roommate and nephew drive me around. But typing monkey we all know you are fact resistent, so why would you deal in reality.

I know when I am having a bad day. And since the day I lost control of the car while parking, I learned KIA has a problem with a sensor which causes the gas to engage. Kia will fix the problem. It is true I could not move my leg, but as I realized later when I park by foot is on the brake which is why the engine was reving so loud because it was fighting my foot on the brake.

Bobby WC