Friday, December 15, 2017


"I’m proud to announce that I am running unopposed as your District Clerk of Cameron County. A Special Thanks to my Family and Friends for their support. I am looking forward to my continued commitment to the Office of the District Clerk and to Cameron County. We have accomplished many goals and have many more in the works. Let’s Keep Moving Forward!!! #EricGarzaDC"

This was shared to my FB page by a friend who knows Eric well.

I have dealt with a lot of District Clerks.  Some are down right batty, like the one in Tarrant County who openly defied an order for the Court of Appeals, to Eric Garza who knows his job and follows it even if it angers the judges.  This is not to suggest any judge dislikes him, it is simply to say they know the rules will now be followed.  I have never heard a bad word from any judge or their staff when it comes to Eric Garza.

This young man is a breath of fresh air in this county.  Every time I have to interact with his office, professionalism defines every Eric himself or his staff.

If Eric Garza is the future of Cameron county, we have a great future.

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Anonymous said...

Eric is a great District Clerk.