Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Someone is paying Montoya to make this entire desire to investigate intimidation against BISD Board Members sound like an attempt by BISD to pay Carlos Elizondo's attorney's fees in his criminal case.  As a matter of law this could not happen, and would be stopped immediately. Nothing in the Item even implies such an act.  So the reality is, the intent of Montoya's post  is to prevent an investigation concerning the intimidation tactics of Cesar Deleon, and/or others.


None of this has anything to do with the alleged criminal conduct by Carlos Elizonda.  Montoya who has trashed Judge Cornejo-Lopez repeatedly will not even acknowledge for several minutes Cesar Deleon pressured Carlos Elizondo to allow Judge Cornejo-Lopez's daughter to retake a test.  This is a matter for the AG"s criminal division [they have the tape] and the Commission on Judicial Conduct.

Cesar on the tape is repeatedly heard saying to Carlos Elizondo only Jessica and he have his back.[ Note, there is no proof Jessica authorized her name to be used in such a way.]  A backdrop to this is Jessica, Ben Neece, and Cesar Deleon were preparing to release an audit they generated which made Carlos Elizondo look incompetent and possibly corrupt.  Carlos knew this, but held his ground against Cesar Deleon's demands.  Law enforcement can easily interpret his acts as, if Carlos does not do as he is being told, he will pay a price, and he did.

Next, after repeatedly hearing Cesar DeLeon say only he and Jessica have Carlos Elizondo's back, Cesar demands $1,500 from Carlos Elizondo.  Carlos Elizondo refuses.  Then Cesar works on having this audit released which cost Elizondo his job.  

The tape is more than enough to indict Cesar Deleon.


If people like Cesar Deleon can get away with intimidating elected officials, then the corruption will only get worse.  This is why BISD needs an attorney to look at all acts of intimidation against any trustee.  Minerva Peña is too stupid to understand this simple concept, and Sylvia Atkinson wants this silenced.  Cesar Lopez is just scared to death of what will be learned.  Phil Cowen is bringing honor to the Board and just trying to stop the corruption, but someone is paying Montoya to prevent this from happening.

When someone opposes protecting elected officials from acts of intimidation, they are part of the institutionalized corruption.  If you cannot see what is happening here, then you are an intricate part of the corruption which is so pervasive in our community.  Let's get to the truth and let the axe fall where it may.

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