Tuesday, November 21, 2017


Remember how the Cameron County Auditor missed the fajita theft, well now we know why, no one is paying attention to the obvious.  The state needs to take over all auditing services for Cameron county because no one is home in the auditor's office.

Trolls go away because you are too stupid to understand this even though it is so simple.  Every month the county prepares a summary of activity in the JP courts.  My only interest is the three in Brownsville.  I want to begin with collections and the con of dismissing a large number of cases so it appears you are working hard when in fact you are cheating the county taxpayers out of fines.  That would be Jonathan Gracia by the way.


I am going to look at all three because the report is for the new fiscal year, which began on October 1, 2017, the period this report covers


On the surface, not for observant people, it appears Jonathan Gracia has collected more money and disposed of more cases than Linda Salazar.  But a closer look raises a strong red flag Jonathan Gracia has dismissed upwards of 3000 cases to make it appear he is processing more cases, but somehow only collecting $127.32 more than Linda Salazar.  How do you explain a mere extra $127.32 in collections  over Linda Salazar by Jonathan Gracia when he processed 3002 more cases than Linda Salazar?  JP 5-3 processed a mere 404 cases and collected $2,325.11, more than Jonathan who processed 3448 cases.  Someone explain this to me.

He is dismissing cases en masse to make it appear he is hard working and the taxpayer is paying the price.

As to Mary Esther Solora for the month of October when all of the JP's were together she disposed of a 497 cases and collected a mere $56,434.60.  Riddle me this, how did Mary Esther Sorola collect $14,258.20, less than Linda Salazar when she processed 51 more cases than Linda Salazar?  Answer she is not levying the proper fines.  This is cheating the Cameron County taxpayer.  When it comes to collecting fines based on the number of cases processed Linda Salazar is on Mount Everest looking down on Jonathan Gracia and Mary Esther Sorola.  Both merit investigation.  Remember when thinking of fines her husband's friends practice before Mary Esther Sorola.  Is this impacting the low amount of fines being levied?

For obvious reasons we cannot trust Commissioners Court to do its job or the inept auditor [fajita gate]  so in addition to sending this to Commissioners Court, David Garcia, and the county auditor I am also sending it to the state auditor who has jurisdiction.

I will accept any rational explanation as to how Jonathan Gracia has processed 3002 more cases than Linda Salazar but only collected $127.32 more than Linda Salazar.  Commissioners court needs to take the lead demanding his resignation or removal by the Commission on Judicial Conduct.

Now go to the top and you will see in October Linda Salazar had 782 criminal cases filed in her court, Jonathan Gracia had only 574, and Mary Esther Sorola had a mere 478.  Mary Esther Sorola is no longer apples and oranges now that all three JP's are together in the new building.  These numbers tell us law enforcement trusts Linda Salazar more than Jonathan Gracia and Mary Esther Sorola.  Could it be the mass disposal of cases by Gracia which makes law enforcement hesitant to file in his court, and the lack of experience by Mary Esther Sorola for law enforcement to choose Linda Salazar?

This is why Linda Salazar has been demanding the appointment of a JP clerk where all cases are filed randomly by the computer.

Now staying on the numbers, Linda Salazar collected filing fees for 205 civil cases, for a monthly total of 1000 new cases.  Jonathan Gracia collected filing fees for only 83 civil cases for a total of 658 new cases, and Mary Esther collected filing fees for a mere 74 civil cases for a total of 566, new cases.  On what planet is Mary Esther Sorola who got nearly only half of the new cases when compared to Linda Salazar, a better judge?  Why are the parties and law enforcement running to Linda Salazar's court and not the others?  Two reasons: she is a known entity which as noted explains why she gets more weddings, and two based on the numbers of cases she collects significantly more for the taxpayers than the other two JP's, namely Jonathan Gracia and Mary Esther Sorola.  Yes we know Mary, Judge Salazar is calling DPS and demanding they file in her court so her staff is overworked while yours and Jonathan's spend the day playing with their thumps or has been proven in Jonathan's case having his administrator send people to his court, but not for civil or criminal cases as the numbers show.


You see my readers are the BV. They give me the heads up through anony posts asking I do not publish them. I do the open records request and then build the story.  My reades and I are a team effort.

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RE: PUBLIC RECORDS REQUEST of November 21, 2017, Reference # W000704-112117

Dear Mr. Wightman-Cervantes,

The County received a public information request from you on November 21, 2017. Your request mentioned:

"I want the last two monthly reports compiled by the county showing the number of new filings in JP 2-1. 2-2. 2-3"

The County has reviewed its files and has located responsive records to your request.  Please log in to the Public Records Center at the following link to retrieve the appropriate responsive documents. 

If you have any questions, or wish to discuss this further, please contact me.

Dylbia Vega
Public Information Officer


Anonymous said...

Here is why he is processing more cases.....as you said, it is so simple. Remember when there was a mail out sent out by Jonathan catering to people to call his law office and he would help them reduce the fines or "dismiss" them. The question is here, has he represented and people in his court of which those dismissed tickets. I can only lead you to the water.....it's up to you to drink it.

BobbyWC said...

This is just more for the auditor to think about. But know these numbers are for October only. His alleged letter was months ago.

Bobby WC

Pat Ahumada said...

To me it is ashamed that the JP's are being blasted based on how they handle their case load. Justice should not be measured by the amount of cases processed or the amount of fines collected. Justice should me sought on a case by case review and disposition, not how much money the county will make on each case processed. Circumstances, financial burden to the person appearing and above all else doing the right thing for all concerned. It always bothered me that BPD use to stop and issue more tickets in Southmost, than the Rio Viejo area, meaning a concerted and targeted area to me is not fair or just knowing some have to struggle to pay the light bill and have to pay high fines just because they are targeted. We elect the JP's and the measuring stick is not how many fines they can impose, but how they do their job, treat people and if they are in touch with their constituents. My opinion.

BobbyWC said...

Voltaire responds to you best. "“Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.”

Pat the substantive point of the post blew right over your head. I agree with the purpose of a JP, but when JP 5-3 disposes of only 404 cases and raises over $12,000 more than Gracia who processed more than 3000 more cases, there is an absurdity to be investigated. If you cannot see that then you are color blind to red flags.

I have since learned under very strict rules a JP can dismiss large number of cases. The only one who benefits is the JP who then makes it appear he is doing a better job than others.

Also the post proves the need for a general clerk to assign all cases randomly so each JP gets the same number of cases.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Destractions do not get posted here, and that is all you are doing is trying to destract from Jonathan Gracia. I am about to publish a new story based on more documents. If you want to comment on any JP dispute the numbers and reference your evidence otherwise go away

Bobby WC