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Can anyone explain to me how a man who is court martialed and does a year in military prison for assaulting his wife and child can be a licensed security guard by TDPS "Kelley was licensed by the Texas Department of Public Safety as a security guard, and the agency's website shows he worked at Schlitterbahn Waterpark and Resort in New Braunfels."  I can assure you there will be no internal investigation at TDPS as to how this happened.  


I will be honest, my political views, while understanding I am an adamant pacifist, have become such I fear expressing them.  The U.S. American people need to end division and racism or continue to die in these shootings.  

The above was posted on my FB page after I posted the below comments.  I am getting a lot of support.  I suspect those who do not like my post have chosen to remain silent.  The purpose of the above graphic is to demonstrate how we handle Anglos when it comes to mass shootings, versus, browns, blacks, and Muslims.  And lets not forget the Oklahoma bomber Timothy McVeigh.


There are a lot of these terrorist Anglo Kelley guys who murdered the 26 people yesterday in Texas.  There are thousands of Anglo males in militias just waiting for the right time.  With the division getting greater and  greater and the racists getting bolder and bolder, which includes the main stream press, the day of reckoning is coming sooner than later.  

I get it, people hate Hillary.  I did not vote for her.  I am elated prominent Democrats are finally shutting her down by speaking the truth about how she manipulated the primaries.  But hating Hillary is not justification to get in bed with Trump and his endless lies and racism.  If Trump gave a rats ass about Muslim terrorists he would build a wall along Canada not Mexico.  Canada gives out visas to Muslims a dime a dozen.  If you are from a Muslim county it is nearly impossible to get a visa into Mexico.  We have no border with Canada.  It is wide open.  In areas it is such a joke Canadians cross the street to the US side and call Customs to say they crossed the street.  The Muslims are pouring into the US from Canada.  But Canada is Anglo, so we do nothing.  Racism.

Your racism and people like Mike Hernandez dismissing it as a political ploy to hurt Cesar Deleon is what killed the 26 people yesterday.  It must be silenced, or eventually you or me or your children will be a victim of these Anglo groups shooting up a crowd.

Ah, I am laughing so hard.  I know for a fact you would rather die in a mass shooting than stand against the causes or racism.  I am not saying only Anglos are guilty.  I am saying our limited resources need to be redirected from these horrible deportations of the undocumented mother or father, who then has the legal resident parent take the U.S. American citizen children to Mexico to keep the family together, only to return when they learn children who are US citizens have no rights in Mexico.  And then our State Department pays for the lawsuit to have the children returned to the undocumented parent in Mexico.  Thank god we have won everyone of these Hague Convention cases now showing up in our federal and state courts.  Is it not better to monitor people like Kelley with our limited resources  than deporting families?  It does not say in Genesis, and let there be money.  It is your tax  dollars you are wasting on this misguided use, while killers go unnoticed.

On Sunday I had 11 guests at my home for a cook out and final pool party.  Every adult was asking the same question when the game was interrupted with the story.  Who was the killer?  They said they found him dead in his truck right away.  How can they have no information on his race or religion?

Bigotry - CNN, FOX, MSNBC were all the same for too many hours.  They remained silent that an Anglo man of Irish dissent was the killer.  It does not matter if his family has been here for several generations.  The point is, had he been black, brown, or a Muslim it would have been reported immediately.

The racist press is intentionally protecting these Anglo militias from news coverage and keeping the U.S. American people in the dark. They will fail, but one day they may take down an entire town to make their point.  How?  Because our internal intelligence service focus in on blacks, browns, and Muslims while essentially dismissing Anglos.

The government has a finite amount of money.  You decide how you want to spend it, deporting families or equally tracking all groups regardless of race or religion who present a security threat.



Why? If you deny the following you are either delusional or a liar. Had the shooter been brown, black, or Muslim it would have been the first words of the national news media. It took hours for local newspapers to report what the news media knew within minutes of contacting the local authorities. There are 50,000 undocumented Irish in the US, and nothing not a fucking word about deporting them, breaking up families nothing. But if you are Muslim and brown deport them all. I want no one deported and all non felon undocumented immigrants given amnesty and a pathway to citizenship. There are no words to express the sorrow I feel for the victims and their families, but if we were not so obsessed with our racism as a society maybe the FBI and local law enforcement would have better intelligence on the homegrown Anglo terrorists. Hate me all you want, but the truth is never pretty.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with the notion that white people get treated differently (not demonized) after committing violent gun crimes and I agree that recent history has more examples of white people committing more gun crimes. But let's not forget that this is nothing new. White people have been getting away with murder for centuries beginning with Columbus, continuing with Andrew Jackson and the treatment of Native Americans and then again with treatment of black people during the slavery period, the post civil war period with the klan and lynchings, etc. This is why the Black Lives Matter movement matters! Because clearly, black people, and people of color, do not matter as much as white people. History has shown this to be true and it is still true today. This is also why our president is so dangerous. I like Hillary less now that her corruption of the DNC is coming to light but I would still vote for her over a racist. Our president not only calls white supremacists "good people" but surrounded himself with racists like Sessions and Bannon. Crimes against people of color have been on the rise since the presidents election as racists are energized and rallying behind a president who gives them a wink and then looks the other way. Hillary would have condemned this activity. I like to think she would have appointed an AG that would have put pressure on hate crimes while protecting civil rights of people of color (not creating a voter fraud commission to disenfranchise voters). While I have no actual evidence that she would have done this, she would not have appointed a racist AG. Our presidents appointments show that he prefers white people, since outside of Ben Carson, I can't think of another non white person he has appointed. I lose respect for trump supporters who try to gloss over his racism by praising his conservative agenda. And prominent republicans who fail to denounce his racism (looking at you Ted Cruz and John Cornyn) are just as guilty. To be honest, I can't think of any reason why a person who considers racism to be a problem, could justify voting for trump. I think supporting trump is supporting racism. Hillary wasn't great but she was never this bad. America indeed has a racism problem. it will take white people, like myself, to put other white people on notice, that the cycle needs to be broken and the paradigm needs to be shifted. Until America confesses to its original sin (racism, according to Jim Wallace) and makes efforts to change, people of color will still suffer from inequality.