Thursday, November 30, 2017


As most years I will be in NY for Christmas.  I will take the snow, the tree in Rockefeller Center, and a Broadway  Production any day over a heart attack piece of ham.  I am disappointed my friend from 1963 through 1976 a Tony award winning playwright Richard Greenberg does not currently have anything on Broadway.  Through a mutual acquaintance I will try and set up a lunch to catch up.  I hope he remembers me. As the the story goes I gave him his first viola lesson, and the next day he was already better than me.  We car pooled all through high school.  We were in kinder together.


Dinner will be a cornucopia of Nicaraguan, Mexican and Italian food for about 100 people or so.  My brother will play Santa and I will play the Elf for the little ones.

I think that is why Ava picked out the above for me.  My nieces/nephews and grand nieces/nephews know me, I would have worn it and had fun with it.  My sister knowing this reality rejected Ava's suggestion.  But it warms my heart she knows I love to have fun with them and she wanted me to have something fun.


Dinner will be lobster and fillet Mignon at another brother's home.


I need to get down to 243 before I leave so I can afford to gain weight.  One day we will go out to Peconic bay for fresh from the bay scallops.  I like mine in a garlic sauce over penne pasta.

Eastern Long Island has a lot of Central American bodegas for eating.  They work in the vineyards.  Eating at one at least once is a must.  We will spend one afternoon relaxing at the vineyard drinking all sorts of wine.  My brother such as most of my family have memberships so the wine is free.

Most days will be fresh roasted roast beef sandwiches for lunch from the deli near my sister's house.  My brother will make New England indigenous Johnny Cakes, or bring me a traditional NY breakfast - scrambled egg with sausage and cheese on a Kaiser roll. 

Some days will be pizza at Ciro's.  It is the best.

I am hoping we are diverted into Dulles again because of snow so I can finish the trip on Amtrak.

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