Thursday, November 30, 2017


So far I have a commitment of $500 towards the filing fee.  I have accepted no money.  I am merely in the feeling out the prospect of running.  

Our JP courts are a mess.  I am working with the county to discover options on how to fix the JP courts.  The County needs an AG opinion which allows them to charge all JP's a 50% charge for all weddings done on county properly.  Plus remember the county workers who work for the JP's are distracted with setting up weddings.

I commit that every month I will turn over 50% of all marriage fees for marriages done on county property to the county.  The JP's should not be allowed to make a profit while using county facilities and employees for what is effectively their private business.

Also I want  to say people should not be harassed because they choose to use the most experienced JP for their weddings.  Judge Linda Salazar naturally and legally gets the most marriages because she has the most referrals based on her longevity.  

I am working with the county to finally determine if they can be sued for requiring a 72 hour marriage waiver fee.  If elected at my expense I will sue the state for declaratory relief on whether a JP can sign the marriage waiver.  I believe the law is clear.  The cost to the county will be zero. 

If it is decided no fee can be charged, then the JP's cannot charge a fee either.  The district judges do not have the time for walk ins to review an application for waiver.  They have more important things to do.

I will get clearance from the counties of a standardized form used for 72 waivers.  If you do not have just cause, I will not sign it.  You will then be free to go get married by a JP who will ignore the just cause requirement.  I have no problem losing the fee, because I refuse to sign a waiver for want of just cause.

I will fight along side with Linda Salazar to appoint a central clerk to receive all new cases and then allow the computer to assign them randomly to stop the forum shopping.


You cannot refuse to renew a lease or terminate a lease because a women has called the police over domestic abuse.  This practice because women do not know how the protect themselves and the JP's do not know the law will end.  Further to terminate the lease of someone on housing or evict them has special rules not being enforced.  They will be enforced.

I can assure you if someone with a ticket fails to appear, and I have personally insured the notice went to the correct address, or fails to pay, after one warning they will be entered into the Scofflaw system so they will not be able to renew their registration or license.

I will work hard to direct all first time traffic offenders to take the Defensive Driving Course as a way to receive deferred adjudication and a lower fine.  Yes, fines are important, but safe roads are also important.  Now that I am working with people to get a driver's license or with the Defensive Driving Course, I am relearning everything I forgot.  Like watching three cars ahead of me so I can see if there will be a sudden stop.

In civil cases, JP's have more discretion to help the parties to develop their case.  Within the rules I will do what the law allows for to help both parties to develop their case to a just result.

I am told I need a minimum of $15,000 to run the campaign.  The lawyers in this town can do it if they want to.


I will be 100% responsible for the bookkeeping of the campaign so no mistakes are made.  If I run I will appoint a treasurer but I still will be responsible  for the accounting.

It will be my job to go door to door with push cards, and not those of politiqueras.  I will have no campaign in the nursing homes, adult day care centers, or mail ballots.  They will simply get my mailings, and in the case of people who vote by mail, a notice to not allow anyone to fill in their ballot for them or take it from them.  

So it is up to the people.  I will not enter this race with a mere $2,000 in commitments.  People work hard for their money and they need to know it will make a difference.


With every false light your propagandist prints on me I will take it to the commission on judicial conduct.  You are warned.  I am going to run on the problems with the JP courts, and not personalities, if I so choose to run.

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BobbyWC said...

no moron, and your comment is rejected. I take seriously accepting money and I do not like to do it. If I do not get the feed back I need then I will not waste people's money by filing. All sorts of candidates set up exploratory committees. It is a standard responsible practice.

There are political machines to consider in addition to the cash. there is fear of retaliation.

Politics is dirty and I would never question the decisions I people who want me to run. They know political reality. They know I will hit hard. But maybe before the deadline i will have what I need to build their confidence.

Bobby WC