Wednesday, November 1, 2017


I will be back. I am trying to verify some claims. Very tired from last night.  Halloween is great for the adults with self confidence in themselves.  You get to play with your inner self.  If you do not like Halloween - fine.  But mocking adults who are secure with their inner selves only tells me you are closeted about your inner self.  If you do not like Halloween, for other than religious purposes, rather than trash all the adults who know how to have a good time with their inner self, try just standing in the corner with a sign on which says, "look how superior I am to everyone else."  That should make you feel better about yourself.

The Cowen Terrace area is great for Halloween.  I will say fewer homes participated than in the past.  But we had a lot of fun.  I took Bela and her brothers trick of treating.  The highlight of the night was the haunted garage.  The fake smoke was so thick I could not see anything.  No one could see anything.  People would all of a sudden see some one's face and scream.  I realized I lost than hand of the youngest.  It was fun, but once I lost all three kids, it was time to leave.  I was calling out their names to come to my voice.  They did.  We did not finish the tour, but laughed once we got out because I panicked once I lost all three.  It was a lot of run for the kids.  They just thought it was funny that I lost them.


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