Sunday, November 5, 2017


In the first year of law school you learn about property law in general and in Texas.  You quickly learn Texas is a debtor's state and for the middle class it is easy to protect all of their assets from a judgment.  The exempt property is crazy, but the law was written at a time people had livestock.

My home is homesteaded, so the most anyone can do to me is a place a mechanics lien on the home for unpaid repairs to the home.  My car cannot be touched.  My retirement cannot be touched.  And the other money is in a irrevocable trust to take care of me if it is ever needed, and then goes to UTEP and Bela and her brothers and sister to help with a university education.


In November 2016, Cesar Deleon bought his home on a warranty deed with vendor's lien from Gilbert Hinojosa.  It is a simple form you complete and file in San Benito claiming the home as a homestead.  It does not start until the year after purchase.  Cesar had time in 2016 to file the paperwork.  He did not.  Now if he filed in 2017, it will not show up until the records are updated in 2018.

But for now if he gets sued any equity he has in the house can be taken to satisfy a judgment. 

This came about because it was suggested his house is in E3's district.  It is not.  All of E. St Charles is in Rene Oliviera's district.

I have no idea if some anony posts I have held but not completely rejected are true, but if what several people have said is true, Cesar's racist rant will be nothing compared to what people want posted against him.  Like I told them, send me the proof and I will post it, until then the comment will be held, but not formally rejected.

Unless there is a major smoking gun out there against Rene Oliviera he is a shoe in.  You have to be completely devoid of how the process works if you think you can beat Rene Oliviera without out funding him and a major and I mean major smoking gun. Look at the verified evidence against Trump and women before the election and he still won.


The Austin money, which includes insurance money and medical money and much more, will insure Rene Oliviera has what ever he needs to win.  If they feel threatened they will put out negative information on any opponent.


I have always said the people without being elected do so much more for the community than elected officials.  All over Brownsville we have volunteers doing so much for the people.  All of the parents and businesses which keep all of the sports teams going give the kids an alternative to hanging out on the corner.  The examples go on and on.

I work in helping veterans get benefits, disabled people get disability, and special needs children.  I use my own money and never get paid.  This is what makes being an American is, and makes us great, not the elected officials.  Just volunteer anyway you can. There are so many children out there with parents who cannot help them with their homework.  We need a network of parents who are willing to help.  You can organize that and help more children than any elected official has ever helped.

If everyone always vying for office would spend more time working in the community, we would see major change.

Just drive down St Charles street near and around downtown.  Hell even W. St Charles street.  Private investors are restoring this historic part of Brownsville and it is beautiful.  It is not our city commission, it is the private person.  I would love to live on St. Charles.  If I sold this house with the down payment and me doing my own remodelling I could have half the mortgage.  But alas, I love a large lot and my pool.

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