Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Next week my roommate an I will replace the toilets in a friends house. They will buy two water efficient toilets for $99.00 each and the city will pay them a $50 rebate for each.

So last year the bill which was due December 1, was $288.  This year after the energy efficient doors and new insulation in the attic the new bill just got posted at $223.  That is a $65.00 drop.  It is all paying for itself.

People one step at a time and your bill will come down.  Imagine what it would be if my pool filter did not run 10 hours a day?

Also my house is more valuable than other houses of the same size in this area.  My neighbor with a smaller house pays over $500 a month when I am paying less than $300.  This is indirectly part of your mortgage.  They can buy my house for more and still pay less when utilities, insurance and mortgage are combined.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, PUB only allows one water sense toilet rebate per year, unless it's a brand new house where toilets never existed before. I replaced one last April (2017) and had to wait until October (2017) to replace another in my house. I did get a rebate for both but couldn't replace them at once. So I guess the year is based on PUBs fiscal year.

Anonymous said...

Make an investment in a variable speed pump; payback is usually less than 2 years.

BobbyWC said...

I read the data, and I will consider it when this one goes out. I just bought a new one this year. My experience is they last three years. But with the next one I will go with a variable speed pump

Bobby WC