Monday, November 27, 2017


The bottom line is how much money will Brownsville receive by going it alone, or as part of a unified MPO.  So simple of a question and no one has an answer.  If Brownsville will receive more money under a unified MPO, then it is good, but if we are to receive less it is bad.

It is my understanding a unified MPO will mean more money coming to the LRGV.  If that more money overall means Brownsville getting more money, what is the problem?  Looking at voting numbers is meaningless.  All that matters is under which option does Brownsville get the most money.  So simple, but in the hands of politicos it becomes who has the biggest gorilla penis, which for the record tend to be very, very small.


Anonymous said...

If we receive more, then how much more?

Is it guaranteed more money?
Are there any locks to using the money?
Can the "split" be modified during the merger?

WHO is going to be the chairman? Will you have control of your designated money when someone from Hidalgo County is Chairman?

Can the Chairman from Hidalgo County dip into your money? Can they withhold your money?

Too many unknowns and MILLIONS at stake.

Can the agreement be dissolved?

BobbyWC said...

All of you questions are very valid. Both sides have done a terrible job educating the people. But if we get more and no one but US can control it except under the terms of the grant, then it would be a good deal.

Bobbt WC