Thursday, October 19, 2017


I just double checked BISD's web page and there is nothing there for an emergency meeting.  I personally think the most they can do is remove him as Board Vice President.

I know my position is not popular, but in this country we remain innocent until proven guilty.  But something more sinister is happening.  We are now using the criminal process to remove democratically elected officials from office before they are proven guilty of anything. You can believe Carlos Elizondo is as guilty as sin, but until proven guilty it is unpatriotic to remove an elected official from office based on a charge, a charge which when all is done and said is proven false.

But Cesar Lopez should have called an emergency Board meeting for legal counsel on this issue.  It is for Carlos to decide if he wants to stay.  But the Board does have a legal right to reorganize and that may be the best solution.


Anonymous said...

That kid is a puppet. He won't call anything.
He is overwhelmed.

Anonymous said...

Yep he knows he's knee deep with all the shenanigans him and Carlos And Joe Rod were doing its just a matter of time Carlos uses that get out of jail free card.The Feds want the bid fishes!!

Anonymous said...

Cesar Lopez is one of the big fishes !!
Joe Rodriguez is another old big fish !!
Dr.Zendejas is the fish puppet !
Carlos this is your get out of jail free card.

Anonymous said...

Zendejas, Carlos, Joe, Cesar know about the death of Capistran and how the deal happened for the BBQ. Salazar covered for this deal and he knows it. It's time people are held accountable a former Board Members are aware of the Corruption and Abuse of Power. Enough of the Bullshit and let's start seeing people get arrested and pay for the crime they committed. Zendejas knows Cesar Lopez was all over the BBQ deal and she is covering up for the Board Members that will give her the Votes and keep her pay check secure...

BobbyWC said...

I cannot speak to the truthfulness of anything you say, but you seem serious about wanting to end the corruption. I always say there was a cover up in the Kennedy assassination. Not the assassination itself, but by paper pushers who thought there was a conspiracy when there was not and ended up giving the conspiracy theorists something to write about.

This happens in politics a lot. A mishandling of real facts always lead to viable conspiracy theories.


We need a good lawyer willing to put his name on the line and 20 registered voters in Brownsville to agree to be plaintiffs. Then a lawsuit for declarative relief needs to be filed in DC against the DOJ, FBI, DPS, Texas Troopers and DA SAenz for selective prosecution and the promotion of public corruption. We need to demand each case which must be document be ordered before a grand jury under the supervision of a court appointed attorney.

The DOJ will panic such as they did in the Villalobos and Limas case when I did the same thing. The last I checked they are both behind bars.

Brownsville clearly wants this mess to end. But organizing is impossible because the very corrupt people we want prosecuted will join the group to disrupt it and divide its members. This is why a lawsuit of 20 voters who are aligned with no sacred cows, will do more.

We can win this, but we need help.

It would be nice to get a 1000 people to take to the knee in front of the American flag in front of the FBI demanding the FBI defend the our freedoms instead of using the flag as a weapon against us. But who will organize this. I am telling you, the bad people will have idiots get involved to disrupt such a protest. But boy it would make national headlines.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

There is definately a lot to find out about this subject.
I like all of the points you made.