Monday, October 16, 2017


I will state up front my method for reviewing the names on Racist Mike Hernandez's bogus ad, which will be challenged, is not perfect.  Twice I took a ruler and went down the list of names to see if any elected officials or anyone running for office appeared on the list.

Wow, Micky boy is going to change Brownsville over 18 years, well we cannot wait 18 years and as a people we are more industrious than you and your white trash racist Board in Dallas believes, and he is going to do this without the support of the elected officials?  Those who do talk to him refused to sign the petition?  Why?  Shame or fear of retaliation, or there never was a petition.

Mike is an idiot and invites scrutiny.  By threatening litigation against anyone who challenges the integrity of his list of names, with his attorney ready to go, Mike raised red flags as to the authenticity of the names on the list.  Of course without getting the names and addresses of everyone signing the list there is no way to authenticate, so it cannot be challenged. And Mike certainly is not going to give up that list.

Another problem is, some names are so common, there is no way of verifying. People on line were complaining they saw their name and were mad.   Well Juan Mendoza, there are probably many Juan Mendozas.  And before I hear it I just randomly took a common name out of my head for demonstration purposes.  I do not even know if there was a Juan Mendoza on the list.

But without the backing of our elected officials and well known and wealthy business people who actually live here how does he expect to accomplish anything?


Anonymous said...

I get you don't like him, and Im OK if you question him or anybody. Its a smart thing to do to find out what their intentions are, but calling him a racist?

On what facts - not interpretations - are you calling him and the board in Dallas racist?

Im not defending anyone, I'm just tired of everyone left or right throwing out the word "racist" so lightly.

BobbyWC said...

He dismissed in the ad how the female ADA's felt when racism was used against them. Also all over his FB page is he defending Cesar De Leon. Saying the only outcry was from out of towners and it was effectively no big deal is racist.

I can assure you on that one and his endless defense of Cesar de Leon on his FB page tells a story about who he is.

Did you know that former directors who could not stand him anymore were sued for walking out on his. You saw how in montoya's went out of is way to say Mike was threatening to sue anyone who challenged the authenticity of the list. Then in a preemptive move to what I reported he said none of the signatures were from VA the voter registration project under Jose Gutierrez where Gutierrez had his final falling out with Hernandez when someone working with Carlos Marin according to Jose stole the list of those who registred as part of the V3 project. Why threaten people to remain silent? Why raise V3 when Jose Angel has been gone for so long? Why dismiss what these ADA's felt and went threw because of Cesar's words. Why defend Cesar on and on on his FB page.

BObby WC