Sunday, October 8, 2017


This storm is moving southwest.  In the last 24 hours it has moved from being east of North Carolina to being east of the Georgia South Carolina border.  The report is the further south it moves the better chance it will turn into a hurricane.  By tomorrow we may see the first early cone, which as we all know can change in 24 hours.

At this time there is nothing for us to worry about, but being proactive and keeping an eye on these storms never hurts.  I cannot wait for January when I will add flood insurance to my policy.

Many of my neighbors have noted the ground around our homes is sinking, which is why with each storm we get more flooding, when 7 years ago it was not a problem.  I have PCP pipe which use to be 3-4 inches underground now on the surface.  I am buying two yards of dirty to raise the ground in my backyard.  I have holes all over my yard where the ground has collapsed.  If you remember when the area in front of my driveway collapsed a second time the city had to poor cement to stabilize the area.

Something is happening in our area, and until it is too late to identify the problem, the city will do nothing to investigate.  But it is my responsibility to have proper insurance.  Knowing a hurricane at this point will put water in my house no matter how many sandbags I have it is my responsibility to pay for the flood insurance.

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