Tuesday, October 24, 2017


Soon after I posted my picture of Bela and me at her party holding a can of coke, he posted the following:  "So sad Barrio Queen Maria over eating.  The recent picture of it is a creature out of control holding a coca cola.  It is not even a diet coke for Christ sake.  It’s health is being force fed to the government when it is it’s responsibility. 

This is his post this morning on the Maria, which we all know is a homophobic slam on me.  "Maria is a former maid I had years ago who has fallen in love with me since learning I am divorced. She comes to my restaurant and practically throws herself on me.  She has done this in front of friends and manager who are witnesses.  Maria has gained plenty of weight since she worked at my house cleaning and sweeping.  Maria needs to go away.  That is who Maria is for inquiring minds."  Why would he have a picture of Maria holding a coke.

But then he also says after admitting to tearing this innocent person down on a regular basis. "I enjoy my blog and my blog is meant to showcase nice pretty situations in Brownsville and not to tear people apart."

No one will believe him.

Other comments by Sanchez.

"Maria and State Rep must be put to stop having a voice."  Here is former maid has a voice which must be stopped.

After I posted the story verifying him being delayed on his bills he posted this.  "You see, Maria, I do care and pay my bills" "Listen up Maria and go enjoy the sub tropical jungle gal."

Bob you can delete away.  They are all saved and printed.  

So you never lie, like you did today right?  Then your following accusation of Mike Hernandez doing drugs and buying politicians must be truthful.  Because on the stand you will either admit you lied, or confirm your claims.

Mike Hernandez has refused to sue Robert Sanchez for this clear defamation per se.  Why?  Mike's refusal to address the issue leaves people to wonder if he threatened Sanchez into silence which is now why Sanchez endorses a person he claims does drugs. Oh wait, the court filings show he failed his own drug test.

No Robert, no one believes you and you will fall apart on the stand.  See you in court.

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