Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Before we learned of Cesar De Leon's resignation the BV broke the story that pressure was coming from Austin, Dallas, Houston and even Washington to handle Cesar.  Here is a fact whether you like it or not, you do no spook a racist to resign with the use of official oppression  from a hopelessly corrupt DA being pressured by Gilbert Hinojosa.  Gilbert may be the only person in Austin who does not know his time as the Democratic Party Chair has come to an end.

It is time we rid our community of both racists and corruption.  You cannot use one to silence the other.

Last night my sources in Washington, Dallas, and Austin were telling me this is a nuclear nightmare for the Democrats and they wish it would just go away.  They will never do the right thing.  Saenz's stunt only made things worse.

The discussion is to force Hinojosa to resign as Texas Party Chair and then replace him to shame the Democrats of South Texas who have remained silent.  They in due course will handle Saenz. 

I am telling you there will still be a special election to replace Cesar De Leon.  But it will be done by the book and without public corruption to force his hand.  This is no longer the first to turn state's evidence gets immunity.  Saenz, De Leon, and Elizondo are all targets of law enforcement outside of Cameron County.  The local DOJ and FBI will not be trusted because of their corrupt ties to Saenz.

So the special election is coming.  It is a formality.  It is now a question of how long it will take to bring the indictments.  These investigators are not Saenz, resign and I will not prosecute.  No such offer will be made to anyone.  They may go easy on Saenz, De Leon or Elizondo if they resign on their own and turn state's evidence, but these investigators will never undermine the Democratic Process by calling for their resignation.

Tom Perez of the DNC is lite up like the 4th of July that it is 4 Latino key leaders including Tom Perez who have made this worse by their silence.  Perez is said to feel betrayed and mislead by Hinojosa. 

Let's see what transpires in a few days.


Anonymous said...

What do you think about this Bobby and Cesar De Leon's conflict of interest? Is Cesar saying he wants something in return from De Coss that will benefit Cesar and his business? Is what Cesar said a crime in your opinion? After listening to the “infamous” four-hour recording, it became clear that there was an ethical consideration, Saenz said. QUOTE FROM CESAR DE LEON ABOUT JUDGE DE COSS: “You know what my complaint with Rene De Coss is that he never gave (sic) me a court appointment … let’s set the record straight, I am the only m****f***er that kept you there, the entire commission wanted to get you out,” De Leon said in the recording, according to a motion filed by the DA’s Office. “I am going to keep buttering you up, I am going to give you a raise, because I want you to become a federal judge one day … I would rather have you as my friend.”

BobbyWC said...

I would not be working with this law enforcement agency if I did not believe there is evidence of criminal conduct by Cesar.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

When you say your not working with this agency, do yo mean, working in a legal capacity or a journalistic capacity?

Im new to this and just want to make sure I understand this.


BobbyWC said...

I am working as a private citizen demanding justice nothing more nothing less.

Anonymous said...

I just don't know how he can survive this one.

Im trying to picture Democratic candidates for whatever position, at any level, with this guy by their side. I just don't see anyone on the campaign trail at a town hall meeting introducing Mr. De Leon and expressing gratitude for De Leons' endorsement.

Never mind what happens to him from a legal stand point, but from a political standpoint, I just don't see a future for him.

BobbyWC said...

Because of my faith I believe in redemption. His problem is he is not going about this the right way. He also does not see he has become Ben Neece's boy toy for Ben's owns political ends. It is true and sad they were trying to get good things done. But the approach was all wrong.

I am going to address this more in detail tomorrow.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Ive said it all along, his goal was the right one, his strategy was a bust since day one, and I mean day one when he was elected, and day one when the shit hit the fan, theres 2 day ones in the story.

When he was elected commissioner he went out and practically wanted to crucify the BEDC Director, he had his research and if that was justifiable, I guess thats OK, you go after the Director you get him fired and if the Director committed fraud, throw him in jail, and hire a badass Director. But instead, he decided to kill BEDC, you can imagine the majority of the Board dislike him for obvious reasons.

When the Wells Fargo scandal came out, they got rid of the CEO, when the Equifax deal came out, the got rid of the CEO, and the bring new ones on board and you straighten things out, I don't see Wells Fargo or Equifax closing its doors. That was ridiculous.

His approach should have been with the Board members and brought them on board with his idea of what direction he wanted to take. Im pretty sure they would of gone along to some extent.

Then he gets the leaked tapes out and his apology is worth less than the paper it was written on, it was lame and filled with excuses. Typical language of someone who will never admit wrong doing, egocentric, and mentally unstable. He apologized to everyone except the ADA's. In the process he's able to incriminate himself in shady business practices, then he resigns because he got scared when Saenz delivered the notice of conflict of interest, THEN! he rescinds the resignation. Im mean come on! Did i say he was mentally unstable? I think i did.

If he was more experienced, properly mentored, had he gone to a better Law School (probably not good or smart enough for UT Law School), was more methodical thinker rather than a visceral reactor, he'd be on top of the political world right now, but no, he, Elizondo and anyone else involved have created a new low. I don't think this whole ordeal was created by these 2 people, Cabler for example is the enabler in all of this crap. He should've done his job in the first place with Elizondo.

Anyways - back to the point, he did everything he could've done wrong, wrong. Too bad he got burned, maturity and experience usually straighten things out, but not this time.