Thursday, October 5, 2017


Well when Cesar said he is jodido maybe he was telling the truth.  Only someone dead broke would pay 6% on an owner financed home, when normal mortgage rates depending on your credit score range from 2.9 % to 3.9%.  Yes there are some lower and some higher, but this is the normal ranger.


First sorry for the late post, the Battlefield accu is no longer working and my head is ready to explode and I cannot stand without falling.  No matter how many times I go to the White House complaint lines for veterans there is no follow-up and the VA is simply dismissing the veterans.  It took two weeks of endless complaining to Washington to get Harlingen to give me access to my new doctor so he could know my current status.  An essential medication because of its delay which put me where I am now, was not released until I complained to Washington.  The system said it was sent, but it was not.


Racism which offends most people, is not what is going to get the ball rolling on this mess.  I am glad NBC is continuing this story. We must separate the hopelessly corrupt city commission, from the people of Brownsville.  There is a bigger story there, but when the time is right.


I am not tech savy on this stuff.  I have multiple copies of the entire 4 hours and 33 minutes at this point.  My goal is to edit out all of Cesar De Leon's demands for money and contracts from elected officials.  Four or 5 snippets of this will go a long way.  Every program I find says the file is too large to upload. 

I do not remember how, but in the past with smaller files I have made snippets of the key statements. 

This is what we need.

We also need someone with money willing to do part two.  Michael Cowen has done his part.  It is now time for someone else to step up to the plate.  A two page article with the full tape link, and the snippets where people can hear it with their own ears, while also reading them, will bring  major humiliation to the city and DA Saenz.

I can give the hour, minutes and seconds I need, but I do not have the skills to do the editing.  My hope is once I post the snippets, then someone will do the ad.

I hate the racism.  Further Cesar's hatred for these women is such he cannot give them a personal face to face apology.  Shame on everyone standing with him on his cowardliness to apologize to their face.

People this has to be a team effort.

No one is going to call for a boycott of Brownsville over this.  The big tourist money goes to SPI, and they are not part of this.

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BobbyWC said...

Nice try but no cigar. I have never referred to women as pigs in general. But I do believe women and men who cheat on their spouse or help a married person cheat on their spouse are pigs - gender aside.

I will qualify this, some peole agree to an open marriage. That is their business, but when a man or woman has an affair with a married person thereby causing damage to the family and chldren, they are pigs. Yea.

Now why not put your name to your post so everyone knows you have no problem with people cheating on their spouses or being a mistress to a married man

Bobby WC