Tuesday, October 24, 2017


It could weeks for criminal investigators to answer this question.

This was a hard one, and I am exhausted.  I am not an expert at conflict statements to be filed by City Commissioners.  The law seems very confusing so I will not call this.  It will be for the city commissioners to call for an investigation.

Abraham Galonsky when you look at his and his daughters' businesses love to hide information.  Like LLC's will be owned by other LLC's so you see no apparent name,

The Cameron County Tax Office is adamant there is no address as 1203 E. Washington.  Ben Neeces's business and residence is above 1205 E. Washington.  It is owned by G & L Co.  I have not been able to get through to the SOS office for further information.  They changed how you access information and it is now very difficult.  Did Ben Neece fabricate the 1203 E. Washington address on several forms to avoid anyone connecting the dots?

But I know this.  Southernmost Industrial Park is in part owned by a Nurith Galonsky and Israel Lizka address show a P.O. Box of 4196 Brownsville. They are shown as Directors Members.

1205 E Washington is Owned by G & L Co.  I am waiting on the SOS to confirm ownership.  You will notice the same P.O. Box as the company owned by Southernmost Industrial Park.  Correlation does not prove causation.  This is why I need confirmation of the owners of G & L Co.

You will note the certificate of occupancy for 1203 E. Washington which the tax office says does not exist.  It is actually the second story of 1205 E Washington, the CO was not issued until February 2, 2017.  So according to Ben Neece's application for a Place on the Ballot how could he have been living there for 7 months prior to February 7, 2016?  He could not.  Did Ben Neece falsify his Application for a Place on the Ballot?  This is enough for a criminal investigation.  Come on John Villarreal redeem yourself and do what needs to be done.

I just learned from the SOS office on the phone while finally being able to do an online search there is no G & L Co on file with the SOS office which is active or linked to Brownsville.   The tax office will need to contact them to demand proof of their incorporation.  I can assure you they will be asked.

So at this time there is no way to know for sure who this G & L Co. is because as far as the SOS is concerned they do not exist.  But they have the same P.O. Box as Southernmost Industrial Park as owned in part by Nurith Galonsky, and Israel Lizka as Directors and Members.  

Then there  is the matter of ARIM LLC also with the same P.O Box Number with the name, you guessed it Isael Lizka, Nurith Galonsky's business partner.

The DA will not investigate and Tony Martinez will never allow for an investigation.

But the documents show that Ben Neece could not have been legally living at 1203 E Washington at the time he filed his Application for a Place on the Ballot.  The record also shows his homestead as outside city limits.  You can bet the farm Tony Martinez is going to demand absolute obstruction of an investigation into this one.

Until a special FBI task force is assigned to work directly with the people and then liaison with the BPD, expect nothing to change.  A lot of research and documentation for nothing..

Ah, but the research was fun.



Anonymous said...

Did you do an assumed name search in the county property records?

BobbyWC said...

I learned of a dba. My readers are flooding me with info. I'm holding on the dba issue because I already know where it is headed. But I will do what you recommend. The bv is nothing without his staff of anony posters with info


Anonymous said...

Well ain't that some bullshit, follow the rules weren't you a judge?

Anonymous said...

You should be able to type in G & L Co in county records and pull it up. You will also see that G & L had warranty deed of casa de nylon transfer to city.

Anonymous said...

Neece worked with city till December 2016. How about an open records request of everything that is Neece. Pay checks that show he lived outside of Brownsville on Sally Lane. It might show his office address. Do a search of Neece with city elections to see if he ever voted in a city election. Don't know if he would been allowed to vote if he lived outside of city limit. Maybe he filled out paperwork before he left with the Sally Lane address. Everyone knows he did not live at 1203 Washington for 6 months before filing his application. Everyone knows he did not live in Brownsville city limits for one year before filing. The City of Brownsville website says the qualifications. http://www.cob.us/970/Upcoming-Elections See qualifications on website. Brownsville requires that a candidate live in Brownsville for one year before they can run. Neece did not.

BobbyWC said...

The BV only works with the help of its readers. Why did John Villarreal not raise this issue under qualifications.

"MUST have lived in Brownsville, Texas continuously for at least one year.
MUST have lived in the District he or she hopes to represent at least six months prior to filing his or her application for election and must continue to do so during his or her term of office. (*)"

The city secretary should have denied his application.

This all needs a major criminal investitgation.

Bobby WCV


Anonymous said...

Didn’t Villarreal make that claim early in the race? I can remember one of the blogs reported that, but it was just glossed over.

BobbyWC said...

Then the city secretary at the time needs to be unvestigated

Bobby wc

BobbyWC said...

yES jOHN DID, but he went to the incompetent typing monkey who instead of investigating posted disinformation taking away from the story. Other than complete incompentence nothing prevented the typying monkey from doing the open records request and checking county records to get the documents.

But I blame John. His failure to develop this was 100% the result of him not knowing how the city government worked. Really John you never hear of a certificate of occupancy? Why did you not request one. Why did you not research the address. I have a breaking report from the city secretary on that issue in the morning.

John was too incompetent to develope this and tried to rely on the typing monkey who has no investigative skills to do his job. Well it was John's jon and he lacked the skills and lost.

Had John come to me I would have asked probing questions and gotten to the documents. But now it is actually better because there are so many criminal charges against Neece it is mind numbing. Nurith Galonsky can clearly be charged with aiding and abetting and I can tell your her father will not care. She is disposible such as all humanity is to Abraham Galonsky.

Bobby wc

Bobby WC