Friday, October 13, 2017


According to the Texas Office of Court Administration overseen by Governor Abbott and Chief Justice Nathan Hecht millions of dollars are stolen from senior citizens every year by court appointed lawyers.  It is at the point Governor Abbott and Chief Justice Nathan Hecht have turned a blind eye to the courts appointing non-certified lawyers and guardians, and allowing attorneys to go into the nursing homes and have mentally incompetent patients unknowingly signing away their right to the guardian they chose when they could and and then the court appointing the non-certified attorney and guardian to drain the estate.


In January this court will be active and doing a lot of guardianships. Estela Chavez-Vasquez better have this new federal law memorized to the word along with the guardianship code.  Under the new law any family member can call in the DOJ to investigate her office and the lawyers she is appointing.

In a world where the law still made sense and mattered judges hired the best Court Administrators they could find.  Highly trained in the law.  Nothing does a judge in more than a politically appointed court administrator. Under this new law, Judge Chavez's Court Administrator is going to have to keep a tight rope around all guardianships and keep the judge informed of any irregularities.  Ignoring a complaint by the family will certainly land the court in the eyes of the DOJ.

Cameron County get ready for DOJ oversight in guardianship cases. We all know there will be no concern over the new law, and the theft of millions will continue because just signing off on what ever a corrupt lawyer gives you, for far too many Cameron County Court at Law judges, this is business as usual.

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