Tuesday, October 17, 2017


My brother who lives in NY and is also fed up with all the lies about corruption in Brownsville as being unique to Brownsville, linked me to this article.

The article says three towns in Nassau county.  That is deceptive to outsiders but understood by people on Long Island.  Each county has townships [ that is the three] then each township has towns within the township.  I grew up in East Meadow which is in the Township of Hempstead in the County of Nassau.  Each township has many towns with separate local governments and school districts.


From Newsday:

Nassau County and its three towns say new or strengthened ethics laws will curb nepotism, but more than 100 current or former elected officeholders, high-level appointees and political club leaders — Republican and Democratic — have had at least one family member working in local government at some point since 2015.
Nearly 30 of these officials had at least two relatives on a county or town payroll, and several had three or four, according to an analysis of public records.
Those relatives earn a total of $8 million annually in salary alone.
After a spate of high-profile corruption arrests in recent months, Republican-controlled Oyster Bay and Hempstead towns and Democratic-controlled North Hempstead all passed ethics code overhauls. Anti-nepotism provisions included in those packages seek to restrict the ability of town employees to take part in the hiring, promotion or supervision of relatives.
Nassau has had a similar law since 2007, but officials this year bolstered the powers of the body that reviews potential violations, the county board of ethics."
The article goes on.  You can click above on Newsday for the full story.  Corruption is the rule in NY, and not the exception.


Anonymous said...

Mr. BWC, I missed the lady's name. She said she worked for Mr. Elizondo's BISD election campaign. What do you know about this lady's background? (if anything)
Excuse my ignorance on the matter but what is the salary of a demoted fire chief? A high school counselor's salary is not much higher than a teacher's salary. Why do I question that? Like I said, I don't know about a fire fighter's salary; the home shown on tv is at least about
300,000, two adolescent kids, automobiles of at least 30,000 each.
Just a thought.

BobbyWC said...

The lady is a paid politiquera who according to some reports but not yet verfied in court documentsreceived some of the alleged stolen money. She sells herself. Once on line she bragged about allowing her daughter to use foul language against an elected official. Her last name is Doll. I really doubt she did anything for Elizondo for free.

Also on the claims about the house. I have no idea how much that house is worth. According to the Cameron county appraisal district it is worth $214,000. Assuming he and his wife earn $100,000 combined they can afford the house and cars. I based that on how much it costs to run my house and pay car payments.

Bobby WC