Friday, October 20, 2017


I previously reported that some time ago Mayor Tony Martinez threatened Jessica Tetreau with arrest if she discussed anything in Executive Session outside EX. The BV reported the federal court finding of law that she is allowed to discuss what happened in Executive Session.


In continuing with the discussion of the tape of the meeting being of any value, federal Judge Hanen ruled that the tape from Executive Session at BISD wherein Presas-Garcia alleged several board members defamed her could not be used against her for lack of the statements she alleged were made because the tape was not reliable. So Cata won on the issue and her case continues.

Ben Neece and Tony Martinez know how this works.  Ben Neece's stunt about Jessica possibly committing perjury was for the cameras and the fools who believe him.  Tony Martinez was part of it by not allowing Jessica to respond.  In the past he threatened her with arrest even though the law was on her side, and again with the help of Ben Neece they tried to silence her.

The city secretary cannot swear under oath when her record of the proceedings were challenged in the past they were never changed.  This means her record is not 100% reliable.

A video recording is nothing more than what the recording picks up and not about what it does not pick up, hence Judge Hanen's ruling in favor of Cata Presas-Garcia.  The custodian of the tape cannot swear under oath the tape is 1005 accurate as to everything which was said.

I am not going to white wash Jessica.  She seems confused at  times and herself has used false criminal charges to fool her readers to gain sympathy and intimidate her critics.  An angel she is not.

Jessica is like many of our judges, she would sign her own death warrant not realizing what it is, and be confused why they are about to put a needle in her arm.

But this is not about Jessica's failures.  It is about the use of the criminal process against her twice to try and silence her.  Ben was a pathetic bully with the aid of Martinez.  Two men ganging up on a women to intimidate her is pathetic.  Nurith Galonsky if she has any self esteem would reject the appointment based on their bullying of a women.  But she will not.  She is her fathers' daughter.

My recommendation to Jessica is to contact Presas-Garcias' lawyers to see what they can do against Neece and Martinez.

The case of State Judge Lanier is a great legal summary of both the criminal and civil options Jessica may have against Martinez and Neece.  She really needs to speak with a lawyer outside of the LRGV.  In the past she has sought advice on Tony Martinez from someone tight with Tony Martinez.  This type stupidity is why people look down on her.

United States v. Lanier


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